Select Committee on Northern Ireland Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Supplementary memorandum submitted by the Rt Hon Adam Ingram JP MP

  This memorandum provides information supplementary to that given in oral evidence on 14 March 2001.

Question 585

  Mr McCabe asked for a list of those bodies which made submissions to the NIO's review of the Parades Commission. That list is attached. It includes all those who made their views known to the review team, whether by written submission or in the course of an interview.

Question 589

* * * *

Question 602

  Mr McGrady asked if additional resources, either in terms of funding or personnel, were given to the Commission to enable it to develop its role. I replied in the negative and, strictly speaking, that was correct. However, the Commission sought approval to employ two additional members of staff whose costs would be met from within the existing budget. The NIO raised no objection to this and we expect those staff to be appointed shortly.


    1.Apprentice Boys of Derry
    2.The Most Reverend Dr Sean Brady
    3.Dr Dominic Bryan and Neil Jarman (Democratic Dialogue)
    4.David Campbell
    5.Committee on the Administration of Justice
    6.Community Relations Council
    7.Padraigin Drinan
    8.Democratic Unionist Party
    9.The Most Reverend Dr R H A Eames
    10.Garvaghy Road Residents Coalition
    11.Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland
    12.Headquarters Northern Ireland
    13.Incore (Mari Fitzduff)
    14.Independent Loyal Orange Institution, Imperial Grand Lodge
    15.Irish Government
    16.Irish National Foresters (Northern Ireland) Benefit Society
    17.Lower Ormeau Concerned Community
    18.Reverend Dr Roy Magee
    19.Brendan McAllister
    20.Jim McDonald
    21.Councillor David McNarry
    22.Mediation Network
    23.Methodist Church in Ireland
    24.Richard Monteith
    25.NIC/Irish Congress of Trades Unions
    26.Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission
    27.Northern Ireland Voluntary Trust
    28.Northern Ireland Women's Coalition
    29.Garvan O'Doherty
    30.Parades Commission
    31.Presbyterian Church in Ireland
    32.Royal Black Preceptory
    33.Royal Ulster Constabulary
    34.Sinn Fein
    35.Ulster Unionist Party

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Prepared 19 July 2001