Select Committee on Northern Ireland Affairs Fourth Report


39. As we have stated earlier, the Government still has a considerable amount of work to carry out on the detailed implementation of its proposals and further consultations and establishment of working groups are planned for several areas. The Government's present intention is that there will be draft legislation by autumn 2001, with the new system fully operational by October 2002.[75] The financial effects will therefore principally impact on the next financial cycle, and may be expected to be reflected in the 2002 Spending Review.[76]

40. The Government intends that the LSC should initially set up in shadow form and £500,000 has been set aside to cover expenses in setting it up.[77] Lord Bach was not able to give us a comprehensive assessment of the financial implications of the establishment of LSC. We would like an updated assessment to accompany the Government response to this Report.

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Prepared 13 July 2001