Select Committee on Northern Ireland Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Supplemenary Memorandum submitted by the Lord Chancellor's Legal Aid Advisory Committee for Northern Ireland


  Thank you for your correspondence dated 23 January 2001. We welcome the changed terms of reference in relation to CLAF and your invitation to make a further submission. We refer to material sent to you in April 2000. At present the Committee has been asked to advise the Lord Chancellor on the viability of a CLAF for Northern Ireland and CFA's. We enclose a draft discussion paper[1] prepared by the Committee, along with a copy of the Terms of Reference. Consultations have already taken place and we propose to report to Government on an interim basis at the beginning of April and our final recommendation at the end of June.


  "To examine alternative means of providing quality legal services for all or specified categories of financial damages cases which reduce or eliminate the cost to the public purse, including in the first instance an assessment of the viability of a CLAF, and make recommendations on the most appropriate mechanism for Northern Ireland for achieving these objectives."

9 February 2001

1   See the list of unprinted papers, p. xvi. Back

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Prepared 13 July 2001