Select Committee on Northern Ireland Affairs Fifth Report

Letter from the Clerk to the Northern Ireland Office

Thank you for your letter of 23 June concerning progress on implementation of the recommendation of the Committee's Third Report of this Session concerning information about expenditure by the Northern Ireland Departments.

I have noted the comments of the Department of Finance and Personnel and will be passing them on the Committee. However, I should also be grateful to receive, as I originally requested, a statement of the progress made towards implementing the recommendation in the period between the publication of the report and 30 May 2000, the date on which Northern Ireland Office Ministers ceased to have responsibility for expenditure of the Northern Ireland Departments. You will no doubt recall the comments of the Secretary of State on 28 April that "we are considering how best to ensure that the relevant information about expenditure by the Departments is in the public domain."

26 June 2000

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Prepared 29 June 2001