Select Committee on Public Accounts Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Copy of a letter and Annex from the Director of Air Foyle Ltd to the Controller and Auditor General


  Between January 1998 and May this year Air Foyle participated in the procurement process for airlift to satisfy an MOD requirement under the name of Short Term Strategic Airlift (STSA). Since the decision of the Government was announced in May in favour of the Boeing C-17 aircraft and details of the arrangements relating to that aircraft have become public during the last few months, we have become increasingly concerned by several issues relating to the procurement decision and the process by which it was reached.

  I have prepared the attached paper to outline the course of events and the factors which concern us. in The circumstances I believe it is appropriate that the national Audit Office should consider this situation to investigate the value for money issues and propriety of the procurement process used.

  If there is any further information that you require then please contact me at the above address.

Bruce Bird

7 September 2000

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Prepared 17 January 2001