Select Committee on Public Accounts Minutes of Evidence

Annex 1



  The group is established to advise on, and facilitate, the consistent and co-ordinated development of policies and guidance relating to risk across central government. Specifically, the group will:

    —  Provide a cross cutting facility to consider and develop risk management policy for central government (although ownership of individual policy elements will be assigned/taken by an established part of either Cabinet Office or Treasury);

    —  Provide a consultation forum to facilitate discussion of that risk management developments before they are promulgated or implemented by the sponsoring organisation;

    —  Provide a forum in which the need for guidance and direction on risk management can be discussed and identified;

    —  Commission reviews, research and reports on issues relevant to risk management to facilitate the indentification of the need for guidance and direction, and to consider the results of such reviews and reports;

    —  Commission the preparation of guidance documents to be published (either by Cabinet Office, HM Treasury, or under the "badge" of the group itself) to assist central government organisations with risk management issues.


    —  Officials from Cabinet Office;

    —  Officials from HM Treasury;

    —  Representation from ILGRA;

    —  Representation from NAO;

    —  Representatives (up to four) from Departments/Agencies/NDPBs.


    —  Produce and publish a "route map" of all the existing guidance associated with risk issues;

    —  Generate agreed core definitions for terminology associated with risk to avoid the confusion which arises from different parties using common terms with differing meanings;

    —  Identify actions required to follow up the NAO report "Supporting Innovation—Managing Risk in Government Departments";

    —  Review the progress reports received by HMT in response to the 31 August PFO letter and identify from that areas in which it is apparent that more central guidance needs to be produced;

    —  Support the Cabinet Office in following up the publication of departmental risk frameworks and development of the proposed White Paper;

    —  Support the Treasury in the development and implementation of Turnbull style Corporate Governance requirements.

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Prepared 31 July 2001