Select Committee on Public Accounts Minutes of Evidence

Letter to the Committee from English Heritage


  Further to our telephone conversation of 29 November regarding Hospitality Events held at our Properties, I enclose a schedule by property and date, of the organisation or individual who booked the event. You will see that in some cases the caterers are responsible for the booking and we may not know the name of their client.

  You also asked for the name of the English Heritage "sponsor of the event" where the approach had not been made through our hospitality business. I can confirm that for all events other than the Wedding at Kenwood House for the daughter of the ex-King of Greece, the approach has been through our hospitality business.

  We would like to emphasise that the information within this list, naming specific individuals and organisations, is commercially in confidence and so, as previously discussed, we would not expect it to be made public. [1]

Russell Walters

Central Planning

December 2000


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Prepared 3 May 2001