Select Committee on Public Accounts Twelfth Report


SESSION 2000-2001
Publication Date
1Inpatient Admission, Bed Management and Patient Discharge in NHS Acute Hospitals (HC 135) 25/01/01
2Public Trust Office: Unclaimed Balances Held in Funds in Court and the Office's 1998-99 Accounts (HC 142) 31/01/01
3Emergency Aid: The Kosovo Crisis (HC 143) 14/02/01
4Grants made by the National Lottery Charities Board (HC 168) 16/02/01
5The Draft Social Security (Inherited SERPS) Regulations 2001 (HC 243) 18/02/01
6Review of Audit and Accountability for Central Government (HC 260) 02/03/01
7Excess Votes 1999-2000: Class X, Votes 2 and 3 (HC 284) 09/03/01
8Maintaining the Royal Palaces (HC 77) 14/03/01
9Managing Finances in English Further Education Colleges (HC 283) 21/03/01
10Parole (HC 349) 29/03/01
11The Housing Corporation: Overseeing Focus Housing Association (HC 365) 02/05/01

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Prepared 3 May 2001