Select Committee on Public Accounts Minutes of Evidence

Memorandum submitted by Construction Products Association (PAC 00-01/156)

Public Accounts Committee: Inquiry into Modernising Construction

  I am writing to you as a member of the Public Accounts Committee which is meeting on 14 February to hold an inquiry into the report by the National Audit Office, "Modernising Construction".

  The Construction Products Association is the umbrella body which represents all the manufacturers and suppliers of the products that go into construction. It is an industry with an annual turnover of some £30 billion and one which accounts for 40 per cent of the output of the construction industry in this country. Members of the Association include almost all of the major manufacturers and suppliers (Hanson, RMC, Blue Circle etc) and most of the major sector specific trade associations.

  We believe the "Modernising Construction" Report provides the basis for improving the performance of the whole construction industry and as a result ensuring that in future public sector clients obtain much better value from their investment in construction projects than they have in the past. Unfortunately we do not feel the report has taken forward as effectively as it might some aspects of its analysis of the current problems, and a summary of our concerns is attached. I hope you will take the opportunity of the inquiry to raise some of these points with the Office of Government Commerce and the DETR.

  If you would like any further amplification of these points or additional information before the inquiry, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Chief Executive

6 February 2001

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Prepared 11 July 2001