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Minutes of Proceedings The Public Accounts Committee

The Committee of Public Accounts is appointed under Standing Order No. 148 viz:

Committee of Public Accounts

148.–   (1)   There shall be a select committee to be called the Committee of Public Accounts for the examination of the accounts showing the appropriation of the sums granted by Parliament to meet the public expenditure, and of such other accounts laid before Parliament as the committee may think fit, to consist of not more than fifteen Members, of whom four shall be a quorum. The Committee shall have the power to send for persons, papers and records, to report from time to time, and to adjourn from place to place.

(2)   Unless the House otherwise orders, each Member nominated to the committee shall continue to be a member of it for the remainder of the Parliament.

(3)   The committee shall have power to communicate to any committee appointed under Standing Order No. 152 (Select committees related to government departments) such evidence as it may have received from the National Audit Office (having been agreed between the Office and the government department or departments concerned) but which has not been reported to the House.

28th October 1997

Ordered, That Standing Order No. 148 (Committee of Public Accounts) be amended, in line 7 [line 6 of this text], by leaving out the word "fifteen" and inserting the word "sixteen".

17th November 1998

Line 17, after "departments" [line 12 of this text], insert "and to the European Scrutiny Committee",

Line 21, [line 18 of this text], at end add: "(4) The Committee shall have power to meet concurrently with the European Scrutiny Committee, or any sub-committee thereof, for the purposes of deliberating or taking evidence."


The following is a list of Members of the Committee at its nomination on 25 July 1997. The date of any later nomination, discharge or other change is shown in brackets.

Rt Hon David Davis* (Conservative, Haltemprice and Howden) (elected Chairman 30.07.97)
Mr Simon Burns* (Conservative, Chelmsford West) (added 07.11.00)
Mr Alan Campbell* (Labour, Tynemouth)
Mr Geoffrey Clifton-Brown (Conservative, Cotswold) (discharged 02.07.99)
Rt Hon David Curry (Conservative, Skipton and Ripon) (added 02.07.99) (discharged 07.11.00)
Mr Ian Davidson* (Labour, Glasgow Pollok)
Mr Geraint Davies* (Labour, Croydon Central)
Ms Maria Eagle (Labour, Liverpool Garston) (discharged 29.11.99)
Mr David Faber* (Conservative, Westbury) (added 07.11.00)
Mr Barry Gardiner* (Labour, Brent North) (added 10.06.99)
Ms Jane Griffiths (Labour, Reading East) (discharged, 21.10.99)
Mr Nigel Griffiths* (Labour, Edinburgh South) (added 29.11.99)
Mr Phil Hope (Labour, Corby) (discharged 05.11.98)
Mr Edward Leigh* (Conservative, Gainsborough) (added 14.04.2000)
Mr Christopher Leslie (Labour, Shipley) (discharged 05.11.98)
Mr Andrew Love* (Labour, Edmonton)
Rt Hon Robert Maclennan (Lib Dem, Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross) (discharged 03.11.99)
Mr Jim Murphy* (Labour, Eastwood) (added 29.11.99)
Mr Richard Page (Conservative, Hertfordshire South West) (discharged 14.04.2000)
Ms Dawn Primarolo (Labour, Bristol South) (added 30.10.97) (discharged 12.01.99)
Mr David Rendel* (Lib Dem, Newbury) (added 03.11.99)
Mrs Barbara Roche (Labour, Hornsey and Wood Green) (added 12.01.99) (discharged 03.11.99)
Mr Gerry Steinberg* (Labour, City of Durham) (added 05.11.98)
Mr Stephen Timms* (Labour, East Ham) (added 03.11.99)
Mr Derek Twigg (Labour, Halton) (added 17.11.98) (discharged 10.06.99)
Mr Stephen Twigg (Labour, Enfield Southgate) (added 05.11.98) (discharged 17.11.98)
Mr Charles Wardle (Conservative, Bexhill and Battle) (discharged 07.11.00)
Rt Hon Dafydd Wigley (Plaid Cymru, Caernarfon) (discharged 16.12.97)
Rt Hon Alan Williams* (Labour, Swansea West)

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Prepared: 21 May 2001