Select Committee on Public Administration Fifth Report


NameEstablished TerminatedTerms of reference Date and subjects of any reports Membership
Air Quality ForumFeb 1998 On-goingTo provide mechanism for stakeholders to put their views to the Government on the review of the National Air Quality Strategy and implementation of local air quality management. NoneMartin Hurst (Chair; DETR), with 54 members
Best Value in Housing (BVH) Mar 1998On-going To provide oversight on BVH. BVH Framework - Jan 2000 Duncan Campbell (Chair; DETR), with 15 members
Cleaner Vehicles Task Force Jan 1998Spring 2000 To encourage the production, manufacture and use of vehicles which are more fuel efficient, cleaner, quieter and less resource intensive and to encourage measures to reduce the environmental impact of existing vehicles. Driving the Agenda and Environmental Impacts of Road Vehicles in Use - Air Quality, Climate Change and Noise Pollution Chaired jointly by Lord Macdonald (Minister for Transport) and Ian McAllister (Ford Motor Company), with 16 other members
Fitness Rating Steering Group Sep 1998Jul 2000 To assist with the development of a housing health and rating safety system. Housing Health and Safety Rating System - Jul 2000 Martin Jones (Chair; DETR), with 24 members
FMPR of the Audit Commission Jul 1999Jul 2000 To look at the detailed organisation and procedures that would be appropriate to the Commission as it continues to carry out its traditional audit functions and embraces new roles within Best Value; and to make recommendations on the structure of the Commission, procedures and internal controls to ensure value for money, and the procedures in place to regulate and supervise the work of appointed auditors. Report - Jul 2000 A team from the School of Public Policy, University of Birmingham
FMPR of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution Jan 1999Apr 2000 To undertake a challenging review of the RCEP. FMPR for the RCEP - Apr 1999 Andrew Burchell (Chair; DETR), with 8 members
FMPR of the Housing Corporation Dec 1999Not known To undertake a challenging review of the Housing Corporation. Stage I review due at the end of May 2000 Michael Gahagan (Chair; DETR), with 10 members
FMPR of the Rent Assessment Panels Sep 1999Jul 2000 To undertake a challenging review of the RAPs. None Michael Faulkner (Chair; DETR)
Inter-Departmental Review of Fuel Poverty Policy Jan 2000Not known To develop and publish a strategy setting out the Government's fuel poverty objectives, targets for achieving those objectives, the policies to deliver those objectives and how progress should be monitored. NoneLord Whitty and Helen Liddell, with 7 members
Homelessness and Allocation Policy Sounding Board Oct 1999Not known To inform policy proposals for a Housing Green Paper. NoneMike Baldwin (Chair; DETR), with 24 members
Housing Fitness Standard Review Steering Group Sep 1998Not known To develop a health and safety based rating system to replace the current housing fitness standard. None Martin Jones (Chair; DETR), with 24 members
Landfill Directive Implementation Sounding Group Feb 1999Summer 2000 To feed views into consultation paper on implementing the EC Landfill Directive. Andrea Young (Chair; DETR), with 20 members
Local Government Capital Finance Review (running in tandem with Revenue Grant Distribution Review Group; see separate entry) Feb 1999On-going To review options for improving and simplifying the capital finance system, including examining the practicalities of approaches that would allow authorities to borrow freely for capital investment, subject to prudential limits. The Capital Finance Review: A New Prudential System - 22 Mar 2000

Report's conclusions to be considered further in Local Government Finance Green Paper (Summer 2000)

Mark Lambirth (Chair; DETR), with 43 members
Local Government Construction Task Force Oct 1999Likely to remain in existence until 2003/4 To implement recommendations of the Construction Task Force. NoneTed Cantle (Chair; Nottingham City Council), with 25 members
Marine Nature Conservation Review Group Sep 1999Nov 2000 Roger Pritchard (Chair; DETR), with 28 members
Park Homes Working Party May 1998May 2000 To examine how the legislation affecting mobile homes may be operated more effectively. Report of the Park Homes Working Party - Jul 2000 Michael Faulkner (Chair; DETR), with 12 members
Revenue Grant Distribution Review Group (running in tandem with Local Government Capital Finance Review; see separate entry) Feb 19992002 To investigate thoroughly whether there is a better way of determining the distribution of revenue support grant that is simpler, more stable, more robust and fairer than the present arrangements for SSAs. Improving Grant Distribution to LAs - Mar 2000 Mark Lambirth (Chair; DETR), with 43 members
Review of Bird Registration Procedures under Section 7 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 Sep 1999Not known Consultation paper to be published at the end of Jul 2000 Bob Ford (Chair; DETR), with 8 members
Review of Controls over Demolition in the light of the 'Shimizu' judgement Aug 1997Not known Advice put to Ministers on outcome of review Christopher Bowden (Chair; DETR), with 31 members
Review of Criminal Prosecutions and Sanctions for Pollution of the Sea Following Marine Accidents Oct 1999Not known To consider how systems for the prosecution of pollution offences following marine casualties affecting the UK should reflect the public interest of having appropriate sanctions available under the criminal law whilst not discouraging appropriate prevention, salvage and clean-up operations. Review undertaken by Colin Ingram (consultant) and specialist interest groups
Road Haulage Forum Apr 1999Not known To consider competitiveness of the industry. NoneLord Macdonald (Chair; Minister for Transport), with 23 members
Rural White Paper Informal Sounding Board

(under the jurisdiction of DETR and MAFF)

Jul 1999Late Oct 2000 (once Rural White Paper is published) To inform the preparation of the Rural White Paper through confidential discussion and debate, drawing upon the expert and diverse knowledge of its members who attend in a personal capacity. NoneMichael Meacher (Joint Chair; Minister for the Environment)

Elliot Morley (Joint Chair)

  Environmental Adviser

  Campaign for the Protection of Rural England

  Civic Trust

  Countryside Agency

  Country Landowners Association

  English Nature

  Forum for the Future

  Green Globe Task Force

  Rural Housing Trust

  Soil Association and Eastbrook Farms Organic Meat

  Transport 2000

  Transport & General Workers' Union

  University of Southampton

Safety Targets Accident Reduction Steering Group Nov 1997Mar 2000 To advise on possible future road casualty targets. NoneRoger Peal (Chair; DETR), with 21 members
School Travel Advisory Group Dec 1998Not known To spread best practice and identify practical ways of reducing car use. None  Education and transport officers from local authorities around the UK

  Government officers from DETR, DfEE, DH, DOE (NI), the Welsh Office and the Scottish Office

  Transport operators

  Parents, teachers and governors

Shipping Task Force Dec 1998No date set for abolition. Likely to remain in existence at least until the end of 2000. To take forward the recommendations in the government policy paper on shipping. Progress reports about implementing 'Charting' commitments Brian Wadsworth (Chair; DETR), with 17 members
Shipping Working Group Nov 1997Not known To identify actions:

  to enable the maximum economic and environmental benefit to be obtained from shipping

  to reverse the decline in the UK merchant fleet

  to increase the employment and training of British seafarers

  to encourage shipowners and the wider maritime industry to commit more resources to seafarer training.

Reported to DPM - Mar 1998

Had input into British Shipping: Charting a New Course - Dec 1998

Roger Clarke (Chair; DETR), with 23 members
Supporting People - External Reference Group Oct 1999Not known To inform detail of 'Supporting People' proposals. None Michael Gahagan (Chair; DETR), with 45 members
Task Force on Home Buying Jul 1997No date set for abolition To deliver the Government's manifesto commitment of delivering better ways of buying and selling homes. NoneNick Raynsford (Chair; Minister for Housing and Planning), with 25 members
Task Force for London Transport Aug 1999Due to remain in existence until late 2000 To bring about the introduction of a Public/Private Partnership for London Underground. NoneKeith Hill (Chair; Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, DETR), with 12 members
Tenants' Sounding Board on Best Value in Housing Sep 1998Not known To inform and consult on proposals on Best Value in housing and tenants' compacts. NoneFacilitated by Laurie McCormack and Paul Schofield, with 14 members
Youth Homelessness Action Partnership Jun 1998Not known To feed into wider policy agenda (e.g. the work of the Social Exclusion Unit). NoneMike Baldwin (Chair; DETR), with 22 members
Total 31

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