Select Committee on Public Administration Fifth Report


NameEstablished TerminatedTerms of reference Date and subjects of any reports Membership
Advisory Board on Technology in Education (Imfundo Project) Apr 2000Estimated Dec 2000/

Jan 2001

To improve the education and life chances of the world's poor people by improving the training of teachers, drawing in the expertise and resources of the private sector and designing pilot projects to demonstrate the power of information communication technologies.   First report - Jul 2000

  Second report - Sep 2000

  A series of 11 articles as part of its knowledge bank

Owen Barder (Team Co-ordinator; Treasury Economist)

  DFID x2

  Director of Wireless Strategy at Marconi

  Virgin Direct

  CISCO systems

  Maths teacher

  Secretarial support

Total 1

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Prepared 4 May 2001