Select Committee on Public Administration Fifth Report


NameEstablished TerminatedTerms of reference Date and subjects of any reports Membership
Activities for Managing Life Working Group Jul 1998

(The AMLWG evolved from the DLAWG, a sub-group of the now defunct DB Forum)

Expected to be terminated by the end of 2001 To consider possible options for changes in the gateways to DLA. The changes should aim to ensure that the benefit makes a contribution towards the extra costs encountered by disabled people in managing their lives. NoneMembership is drawn from various organisations of and for disabled people
Ad hoc Group of External Stakeholders: Decision Making and Appeals Feb 1998No date set, but in process of being wound up To consider implementation of the changes made to decision making and appeals in 1999. NoneJohn Griffiths (Chair; DSS)

12 members, including representatives from NACAB, Child Poverty Action Group, the Law Society, the National Council for One Parent Families, the Local Government Association, Age Concern and officials from the DSS

Benefits Agency Standards Committee Nov 19992002 To provide assurance to the Benefits Agency Chief Executive (BACE) that:

  monitoring reports accurately reflect the standard of decision making in the BA

  feedback mechanisms are working to enable continuous improvement of decision making

  the monitoring process and structure at all levels is robust and credible.

NoneMembership includes chairs, members and directors of various organisations like the Energy Savings Trust, Appeals Tribunal and Social Security Advisory Committee
Best Practice Guidelines Working Group Jul 1999Summer 2001 To advise on the development and promotion of best practice guidelines for occupational pension schemes. Report - Dec 2000 John Nightingale (Chair; DSS)

12 members, including civil servants, public servants and private sector

Member-Nominated Trustee (MNT) Working Group Jun 1999Dec 2001 To consider and make recommendations on the legislation concerning member-nominated trustees, taking into account:

  the proposals in the Green Paper

  the responses to those proposals

  Ministers' wish to maximise the coverage of MNTs

  the burden of schemes, the interests of schemes and pension members

  practical difficulties with the operation of the existing provisions.

None Members include representatives from the ABI and TUC
Modern Service Working Group Dec 1998On-going To provide advice to the DBF on the strategy and planning of an incremental programme of improvements to modernise the delivery of AA and DLA. NoneMembership includes representatives from organisations including Mencap, RADAR and the RNID
Pension Provision Group Sep 19972001 To look at current levels of pension provision in the UK, and likely future trends. Report due - Autumn 2000

We All Need Pensions - The Prospectus for Pension Provision - Jun 1998

Response to the Pensions Green Paper - Mar 1999

Tom Ross (Chairman, Scottish Life)

7 members, including public servants and private sector

Pension Forecasting Advisory Group Jul 1999Mid- 2001 To consider how the Government's proposals for combined pension forecasts might best be implemented with the minimum burden for employer and pension provider. Involved in Planning your Future - Report of the Pension Forecasting Advisory Group - Jul 2000 John Nightingale (Chair; DSS)

18 members, including civil servants and private sector

Statutory Money Purchase Illustrations Working Party Apr 1999Apr 2001 To devise a methodology for calculating illustrations of future pension entitlement in money purchase schemes. A Joint DSS/F&IoA consultation paper is due to be issued on 15 Sep 2000, containing the Working Party's report
Total 9

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