Select Committee on Public Administration Fifth Report


NameEstablished TerminatedTerms of reference Date and subjects of any reports Membership
Active Communities Working Group30 Apr 1999 Not knownTo advise Scottish Ministers on the development and implementation of the Active Communities strategy in Scotland, by bringing together a range of expertise from across the sectors and by providing a link to related initiatives in Scotland, to action by the UK Working Group, and to activities in Wales and Northern Ireland. Supporting Active Communities in Scotland: A Draft Strategy for Volunteering and Community Action - Jan 2000 20 members:

  Community Learning Scotland

  Community Service Volunteers

  Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA)

  Greater Glasgow Health Board

  Highlands and Islands Enterprise

  National Lottery Charities Board

  NCH Action for Children

  Scottish Business in the Community

  Scottish Community Development Centre

  Scottish Council for Voluntary Associations

  Scottish Federation of Housing Associations

  SE Voluntary Issues Unit

  Unemployed Voluntary Action Fund

  Volunteer Development Scotland

  Volunteer Bureaux Scotland

Advisory Group on Infection7 Jul 1998 Not knownTo provide advice to the Scottish Executive Health Department on epidemiological and other related problems concerned with communicable diseases and other infections and the arrangements for dealing with these problems; to advise on ways of promoting co-operation between clinical and laboratory interests in Scotland; and in all these considerations to take account of developments in other parts of the UK and internationally. None21 members, including health professionals and academics
Aiming for Excellence Reference GroupOct 1999 Not knownTo help Scottish Executive officials to develop the proposals for a Scottish Social Services Bill by providing advice and assistance. No report will be published 26 members:

  Argyll and Clyde Health Board

  British Association of Social Workers

  Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work

  City of Edinburgh Council

  Community Care Providers Scotland


  Edinburgh and Lothians Registration

  Falkirk Council

  Inspection Service

  Inverclyde Council

  National Board for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting for Scotland

  Robert Gordon University

  Scottish Anti-Racist Federation in Community and Social Work

  Scottish Care

  Social Care Association Scotland

  Scottish Consumer Council

  Scottish Heads of Inspection Group

  Scottish Pre-School Play Association

  Scottish Users Network

  Scottish Voluntary Organisations Training Forum

  Social Care Association Scotland

  South Lanarkshire Council

  UK Home Care Association


  University of Dundee

  Who Cares? Scotland

Bail Supervision Steering GroupOct 1999 Not knownTo establish a policy and strategic framework for the extension of the current bail information and supervision schemes to other areas of Scotland. None12 members:

  Beltrami & Co

  City of Edinburgh Council

  Glasgow City Council

  JD x2


  Procurator Fiscal's Office


  Scottish Court Services

  Strathclyde Police


Bishopton Working Group5 Nov 1999 Not knownTo identify ways of creating new, sustainable jobs through the redevelopment of this important site that is expected to be close by BAE Systems in 2002. The Working Group is also considering how those who would be affected by the closure decision could be assisted to find new work. None14 members:

  BAE Systems

  Bishopton Community Council

  Paisley & District Chamber of Commerce

  Renfrewshire Council

  Renfrewshire Enterprise

  Royal Ordnance x2

  Scottish Engineering

  Scottish Enterprise

  Scottish Executive x4


Carers' Legislation Working Group24 Nov 1999

(first meeting - Feb 2000)

Not knownTo develop legislative proposals for consultation in 2000 which would empower local authorities to offer unpaid carers direct support. None13 members:


  Carers' organisation representatives x4


  Scottish Executive x4

  Service user

Classroom Assistants Working Group14 Jul 1998 Not knownTo advise the Secretary of State on the implementation of the Government's classroom assistants programme and in particular in the development of a core standard for the classroom assistant's job and an associated training programme and qualification. Classroom Assistants Implementation Guidance - Apr 1999 11 members

  Association of Directors of Education in Scotland (ADES)


  Scottish Parent Teacher Council (SPTC)


  Association of Scottish Colleges (ASC) Committee of Higher Education Principals (COSHEP)


Clinical Negligence and Other Risks Indemnity Scheme Feb 2000Not known To advise and formulate on the clinical and non-clinical standards for the Clinical Negligence and other Risks Indemnity Scheme. None13 members:

  Clinical Standards Board for Scotland

  Fife Acute

  Health Department x4

  Lanarkshire Acute Hospitals

  Lothian Primary Care

  West Lothian Healthcare

  Willis Scotland UK x4

Common Housing Registers Steering Group Dec 1999Not known To offer advice to Ministers on how common housing registers might be progressed in Scotland and the potential role of the Executive in their development. Report - May 2000 John Breslin (Chair; Scottish Executive)

10 members:

  Chartered Institute of Housing in Scotland

  City of Edinburgh Council


  Homechoice Aberdeen

  Scottish Executive

  Scottish Federation of Housing Associations

  Scottish Homes


Common Repairs Working GroupAug 1999 Not knownTo examine systems currently in place for managing common repairs and develop good practice to support councils in these areas. Information leaflets - Dec 2000 7 members:

  Chartered Institute of Housing in Scotland


  Queen's Cross Housing Association

  Scottish Consumer Council

  Scottish Federation of Housing Associations

  Scottish Homes

  Scottish Tenants Organisation

Concessionary Fares Research Study Advisory Group 30 Mar 2000

(no public announcement made)

Not knownTo oversee the research study being carried out by Colin Buchanan and Partners on behalf of the Scottish Executive into the costs of a variety of different options in enhancing local authority concessionary fares schemes on public and private transport for pensioners and disabled people travelling within Scotland. Report submitted 7 Aug 2000 8 members:

  Association of Transport Co-ordinating Officers

  Colin Buchanan and Partners x3


  Scottish Executive x3

Consultants in Public Health MedicineN/A N/ANo remit as such. Organised as a discussion group of professionals. None 45 members, including Scottish Executive representatives and health professionals.
Criminal Justice Social Work Services Main Consultation Group Sep 1989The future role, remit and membership of this group is currently under review To oversee development of National Objectives and Standards for Social Work Services in the Criminal Justice System; to oversee 100% Funding of Criminal Justice Social Work Services. None 23 members:



  AOVI x5

  British Association of Social Workers


  COSLA x4


  Parole and Legal Aid Division

  Police, Fire and Emergencies Group

  Social Work Services Inspectorate (SWSI) x4

  Safeguarding Communities, Reducing Offenders Charity (SARO)

Crofters Commission Policy and Financial Management Review Jul 1999Not known To carry out a study of the Crofters Commission's status and of the relevance of its functions (Prior Options Study) in accordance with Cabinet Office guidance and having regard to the needs of crofting and rural communities in the Highlands and Islands and to any views on the future of NDPBs, and the various potential alternatives to these, which may be expressed by the new Scottish Executive. On-going6 members:

  Crofters Commission

  Head of Agriculture Policy and Co-ordination and Rural Development

  Highlands and Islands Enterprise

  Scottish Executive Rural Affairs Department (SERAD) x3

CSA Working GroupAug 1999 Not knownTo review the process for payments of contribution by CSA and the flow of information to PCTs/Health Boards. None  9 members: Child Support Agency x3

  Health Boards x2

  PCTs x3

  Scottish Executive

Digital Scotland Task Force22 Apr 1999 Not knownTo assist the Scottish Executive to inform the people of Scotland about the opportunities and the benefits of embracing digital technologies and to help set out a vision for a digital Scotland. Digital Scotland Task Force report - May 2000 25 members:

  Apple Xemplar Education

  BT Scotland

  Cisco Systems


  Deputy Minister for Children and Education

  Glasgow Telecolleges Network


  ICL Scotland



  Napier University

  NTL Scotland


  Scottish Enterprise

  Scottish Executive x3

  Scottish Funding Councils for Further and Higher Education x2

  Scottish Information and Library Services Council

  Scottish Parliament

  SUN Microsystems Scotland

  Internet Society Scotland

  Realise Group

  THUS plc

  VIS Interactive plc

Drug Enforcement Forum3 March 1999 Not knownTo provide a forum in which law enforcement agencies and other bodies whose statutory powers might be brought to bear in combating drug-related crime to:

  work within and help deliver the Government's drugs strategy "Tackling Drugs in Scotland-Action in Partnership"

  keep drug enforcement policy under continuous review

  monitor trends in drug related crime

  consider the strategic direction co-ordinated enforcement action should take

  make recommendations and provide advice to Scottish Ministers as necessary

NoneDeputy Chief Minister for Justice (Chair)

  Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland

  Benefits Agency


  Employment Service

  HM Customs and Excise

  Inland Revenue

  National Crime Squad

  National Criminal Intelligence Service

  Scottish Drug Enforcement Agency

  Scottish Executive

  UK Anti Drugs National Co-ordinator

Drug Treatment and Testing Order Steering Group May 1999Not known To oversee the implementation in Glasgow and Fife of 2-year pilot projects for the introduction of drug treatment and testing orders with a view to applying the lessons learned to any future extension of the order to other areas of Scotland. None15 members:


  Community Justice Services Division x2

  Crown Office

  Fife Council

  Glasgow City Council Social Work Services


  NHS Management Executive




  Strathclyde Police


Ethnic Minority Health Steering GroupFeb 1999 To share good practice regarding access to, and provision of, healthcare in Scotland for ethnic minorities; and to formulate a model and guidance for issue to the health service. N/A8 members
Evaluation Team on the NHS Complaints Procedure Jan 1999To provide an evaluation of how the NHS complaints procedure is operating across all parts of the NHS - hospital, community and primary care services. Report due Jan 2001 3 members:

  The King's Fund

  Public Attitude Survey

  York Health Economics Consortium

Expert Panel on Sex OffendingFeb 1998 Feb 2001To:

  take forward work on recommendations of the Skinner report 'A Commitment to Protect' as directed by the Chairman of the Panel

  advise Scottish Ministers on any other relevant issues relating to sex offenders

  provide, for Scottish Ministers, an annual summary of its past and planned future work.

Report - Mar 2000 Lady Cosgrove (Chair)

  Assistant Procurator Fiscal, Glasgow

  Clinical psychologist

  East Dunbartonshire Council

  Greater Glasgow Community Health Care Trust

  Peterhead Prison

  State Hospital Carstairs

  Strathclyde Police

Getting Best Results Steering GroupDec 1998 Not knownTo provide leadership, direction and co-ordination in the development of an effective practice initiative in all aspects of community supervision of offenders under the title "Getting Best Results". None10 members:


  Apex Scotland

  Community Justice Services Division x2

  COSLA x2

  NCH Action for Children




Health Monitoring GroupNot known Not knownTo review selected conditions and detriments of health which have a major impact on the health of Scotland. None20 members
HIV Health Promotion Strategy Review Group Aug 1998Not known To review the effectiveness of current HIV/AIDS health promotion activities by statutory and voluntary bodies in terms of preventing further spread of the virus, and to consider whether there should be any change in the emphasis and future direction of such activities, or how they are funded. Due to be finalised and put to Ministers 17 members
Homelessness Task Force17 Jun 1999 Not knownTo review the causes and nature of homelessness in Scotland; to examine current practice in dealing with cases of homelessness; and to make recommendations on how homelessness in Scotland can best be prevented and, where it does occur, tackled effectively. Helping Homeless People: Legislative Proposals on Homelessness - 4 Apr 2000 Jackie Baillie (Chair; Deputy Minister for Communities)

14 members:

  Angus Council


  Edinburgh City Council

  Glasgow Council for Single Homeless

  Glasgow University

  Greater Glasgow Health Board

  Scottish Council for Single Homelessness

  Scottish Federation of Housing Associations

  Scottish Executive

  Scottish Homes


  South Ayrshire Council

  The Big Issue in Scotland

Inter-Agency Forum on Women's Offending Aug 1998Aug 2001 To oversee the work of an inter-agency project in Glasgow to resolve at a local level the issues identified in the joint Prisons and Social Work Inspectorate's Inquiry into Female Offenders in Scotland. Annual report due soon 21 members:

  Douglas Inch Centre

  Glasgow City Council x2

  Greater Glasgow Health Board

  HM Cornton Vale

  JD x3

  Judiciary x2

  Ireland & Co

  Partners in Learning Centre

  Procurator Fiscal's Office




  Strathclyde Police


  Turning Point

Joint Future Group29 Dec 1999 Not knownTo agree a list of joint measures which all local authorities, health boards and trusts should have in place to deliver effective community care services, and to set deadlines by which this must be done. None 12 members:

  Aberdeenshire Council

  COSLA x2

  Deputy Minister for Community Care

  Dundee City Council

  Primary Care Trusts x3

  Scottish Executive x3

  Scottish Local Authority Management Centre

Knowledge Economy Taskforce26 Jan 2000 Mid-Oct 2000To review the progress being made in developing the knowledge economy in Scotland; to identify the key questions that need to be addressed by the Scottish Executive, with particular emphasis on personal knowledge, human skills, business management and innovation; and to identify the actions that need to be taken by the Scottish Executive. Report - mid Oct 2000 17 members:



  Chief executive x2

  Director x4


  Professor x2

  Scottish Executive x2

  Venture capitalist

Kvaerner Energy Working Group2 Aug 1999 To assist Kvaerner Energy in finding a buyer for the operation who is committed to retaining and hopefully even expanding the existing workforce at Clydebank. None11 members:

  Kvaerner Energy x2

  Minister for Enterprise and Lifelong Learning



  Scottish Enterprise Dunbartonshire

  Scottish Executive x2

  West Dunbartonshire Council

Land Reform Consultative Panel on Land Use 19 Jan 1999Not known To assist from time to time in the technical development of the Land Reform Policy Group's recommendations on land use. None47 members:

  Aberdeenshire Council

  Alcan, Smeling and Power UK

  Association of Deer Management Group

  Association of Scottish Community Councils

  Assynt Crofting Trust

  Bell Ingram Rural

  British Association for Shooting and Conservation

  Caingorms Partnership

  Church of Scotland Church and Nation Committee


  Crofters Commission

  Crown Estate Office

  Deer Commission for Scotland

  Department of Planning

  East of Scotland Water

  FWAG Scotland

  Glasgow City Council x2

  Highland Council

  Highlands and Islands Enterprise

  Highlands and Islands Forum

  Historic Scotland

  John Muir Trust

  Islay Land Use Forum

  Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust

  Macaulay Land Use Research Institute x2

  National Farmers' Union of Scotland

  National Trust for Scotland

  North Lanarkshire Council

  North of Scotland Water

  Ramblers Association

  Reforesting Scotland

  Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in Scotland

  Scottish Crofters Union

  Scottish Enterprise

  Scottish Environmental Protection Agency

  Scotland Forestry Commission

  Scottish Homes

  Scottish Landowners' Federation

  Scottish Natural Heritage

  Scottish Tourist Board

  Scottish Wildlife & Countryside Link

  Stornoway Trust

  University of Aberdeen x2

  University of Dundee x3

  University of Paisley

  West of Scotland Water

  Woodland Trust

Land Reform Consultative Panel on Land Ownership 19 Jan 1999Not known To assist from time to time in the technical development of the Land Reform Policy Group's recommendations on land ownership. NoneAs above
Land Reform: Crofting Consultative Panel 15 Jan 1999None To seek additional advice directly from organisations and knowledgeable individuals who can contribute to the development of the recommendations on crofting made by the Land Reform Policy Group; and to look at the technical development of the recommendations on crofting. None30 members:

  Anderson MacArthur and Co, Solicitors

  Argyll and Bute Council

  Assynt Crofting Trust

  Borve and Annishader Trust



  Crofter x3

  Crofting Law Group

  Deer Commission for Scotland

  Highlands and Islands Enterprise

  Highland Council x2

  Institute of Auctioneers and Appraisers in Scotland x2

  MacLeod and MacCullum, Solicitors

  National Farmers' Union of Scotland

  National Trust for Scotland

  Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors in Scotland

  Scottish Crofters Union

  Scottish Land Court

  Scottish Landowners' Federation

  Shetlands Islands Council

  Stornoway Trust

  Valuation Office

  Western Isles Council x2

Leadership Advisory Panel31 Aug 1999 To advise local authorities on the review of their decision making and policy development processes and the working practices which support those processes; and to provide advice to Ministers on the outcome of the reviews which councils undertake. Expected first half of 2001 Alastair MacNish (Chair; retired CE, South Lanarkshire Trust)


  Deputy Scottish Secretary of UNISON and Chair of Public Services Committee of STUC

  Chairman of Fife Health Board, former member of Local Government Staff Commission

  Chartered Accountant, Chairman of the Accounts Commission for Scotland and Director of various Scottish companies

  Partner in Price Waterhouse Coopers and specialist in strategic planning and financial planning

  Chairman of Lothian Health Board and Director of Eglinton Management Centre

  Chief Executive designate of COSLA

  Vice President, COSLA

  Managing partner of Highlands-based Calico UK

Listening to Communities Steering Group 9 Apr 1999To advise on the development and implementation of the Listening to Communities programme. None 18 members:

  Association of Scottish Community Councils

  Community Learning Scotland


  Deputy Minister for Communities

  Forward Scotland

  Health Education Board for Scotland

  Highlands and Islands Enterprise

  North Glasgow Partnership

  Poverty Alliance

  Scottish Community Development Centre

  Scottish Enterprise x3

  Scottish Executive

  Scottish Homes

  Scottish Urban Regeneration Forum

  Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO)

  Wester Hailes Representative Council

Local Biodiversity Action Plan Steering Group 1996Take forward the development of the local biodiversity action plans in Scotland through consultation, partnership and demonstration. None 5 members
Local Biodiversity Action Plan Sub-group 1996As above None15 members

MacLean Committee on Serious, Violent Sexual Offenders Feb 1999To consider experience in Scotland and elsewhere and to make proposals for the sentencing disposals for, and the future management and treatment of, serious sexual and violent offenders who may present a continuing danger to the public. Report - 26 June 2000 15 members:

  Aberdeen University

  Chief Constable, Grampian

  Glasgow Caledonian University

  HM Prison, Barlinnie

  Judicial Studies Board

  Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland

  Primary Care NHS Trusts x2


  Regional Procurator Fiscal

  Renfrewshire Council Social Work Department

  Scottish Executive

  Senator of College of Justice

  Solicitor Advocate, Beltrami and Co

Maternity Services Reference Group1 Feb 2000 To:

  reach consensus in Scotland over the key and essential features of a modern maternity service for the 21st Century

  provide a framework, to enable those providing maternity services to, in consultation with people who receive them, agree priorities for action for development for local services.

Due late 200061 members
Meningococcal C Immunisation Programme Implementation Group 22 Jul 1999To oversee the planning and operation of the immunisation campaign. Lewis Ritchie (Chair; Department of General Practice, University of Aberdeen)

27 members:

City of Edinburgh

Contracts Manager, Medical Group

Gartnavel Royal Hospital

GP (Stirling, representing SGPC)

Health Board x6

Health Education Boards for Scotland (HEBS) x2

Information and Statistics Department (ISD)

Primary Care NHS Trust x2

Scottish Centre for Infection and Environmental Health

Scottish Executive Education Department

Scottish Executive Home Department x6

SEMA Group, Paisley

St John's Hospital

Trinity Park House

Mental Health and Well Being Support Group 31 Mar 2000To support, influence and advance the further development of mental health services in Scotland; offer advice locally and to the Scottish Executive on solutions and best practice in implementation of the Framework for Mental Health Services in Scotland agenda for change and improvement in mental health services; provide additional focused local activity assessments to the Scottish Executive and the agencies involved. On-going feedback reported to agencies and the Executive on progress towards full implementation of the Framework for Mental Health Services. 8 members

  Angus Mental Health Association

  City of Glasgow Social Work Department

  Lanarkshire Health Board

  Primary Care NHS Trust x2

  Scottish Executive x3

Millan Committee Review of the Mental Health (Scotland) Act 1984 Feb 1999Nov 2000 In the light of developments in the treatment and care of persons with mental disorder, to review the Mental Health (Scotland) Act 1984, taking account of issues relating to the rights of patients, their families and carers, and the public interest. Bruce Millan (Chair)

17 members:

  Bellsdyke Hospital Carers Group

  Borders Health Board

  Douglas Inch Clinic, Glasgow

  Dumfries and Galloway Community Health Care NHS Trust


  Highland Users' Group

  Lister Postgraduate Institute

  Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland

  Midlothian Council

  National Schizophrenia Fellowship

  Royal Edinburgh Hospital

  Scottish Association for Mental Health

  Scottish Users' Network


  South Ayrshire Council

  Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow

Ministerial Strategy Committee on Continuing Professional Development for Teachers 6 Nov 1999

(first meeting scheduled for Sep 2000)


  oversee the development and implementation of a national strategy for teachers' continuing professional development

  ensure that the strategy reflects national priorities for school education, in particular the raising of standards and improvement in levels of attainment

  ensure the effective promotion and marketing of CPD to teachers, parents, policy makers and other stakeholders

  ensure the strategy, and standards and programmes forming part of the strategy, address future as well as current requirements of schools and teachers

  consider any other strategic issues relating to teachers' professional development.

None Peter Peacock (Chair; Deputy Minister for Children and Education)

14 members:

  Mr Mike Kinski, Transaction Director, Nomura Bank

  Ms Ann Roberts, Director, Roberts Partnership

  Anne Jakeman, Director of Learning, Bank of Scotland

  Mr Gordon Jeyes, Director of Children's Services, Stirling Council

  Sir Stewart Sutherland, Principal, University of Edinburgh

  Professor Bart McGettrick, Dean, Faculty of Education, University of Glasgow

  Mr Matthew McIver, Deputy Registrar (Education), General Teaching Council

  Dr Nigel Lawrie, Headteacher, Port Glasgow High School

  Mrs Jeanette Deans, Headteacher, Kinneil Primary School

  Ms Patsy Watt, St. Bride's High School

  Mr David Haire, Penicuik High School

  Miss Aileen Spence, Woodhill Primary School

  Ms Elisabeth Morrison, Gleniffer High School

  Dr Judith McClure, St George's School for Girls

  HMSCI Douglas Osler

National Care Standards CommitteeSep 1999 Apr 2002To draft national standards in specific areas against which the new Scottish Commission for the Regulation of Care will register and inspect care services. None 32 members:

·  Accounts Commission for Scotland

·  Association of Directors of Social Work

·  Ayrshire and Arran Health Board

·  British Association of Social Workers

·  College of Occupational Therapy

·  COSLA x2

·  HM Inspectorate of Schools

·  Lothian Health

·  Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland

·  Registered Nursing Homes Association

·  Royal College of Nursing Scottish Board

·  Primary Care NHS Trust

·  Scottish Association of Care Home Owners

·  Scottish Consumer Council x2

·  Scottish Council of Voluntary Organisations x2

·  Scottish Executive x3

·  Scottish Health Advisory Service

·  Scottish Homes

·  Social Care Association


·  SWSI x5


National Goose Management Review Group Apr 2000To:

  invite and evaluate applications for the local goose management schemes on an annual basis, ensuring that these accurately implement the national policy framework

  conduct a multi-disciplinary review every five years, to ensure that goose management arrangements are consistent with national and international conservation obligations, minimise economic losses to farmers and maximise public value for money

  oversee arrangements for monitoring protected geese populations.

On-going activity. The NGMRG will evaluate and monitor bids annually. A Robertson (Chair; Chief Agricultural Officer, SERAD)

11 members:

  British Association for Shooting and Conservation

  National Farmers Union of Scotland

  Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

  SERAD x2

  Scottish Crofters Union

  Scottish Landowners Federation

  Scottish Natural Heritage x2

  Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust

NPPG 1 Task Group25 Nov 1999 22 Sep 2000To assist the Scottish Executive in preparing a version of NPPG (National Planning Policy Guidance) and to address criticism that "NPPGs are conceived with limited discussion, no transparency of production… they do not fit readily with current participatory strengths of the planning process". Draft NPPG issued for consultation 4 Jul 2000

(Target date for publication of NPPG1 - 24 Nov 2000)

14 members:

  Association for Preservation of Rural Scotland

  Association of Scottish Community Councils

  CBI Scotland

  Commission for Local Administration in Scotland


  Renfrewshire Council

  Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland

  Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

  Scottish Borders Council

  Scottish Chambers of Commerce

  Scottish House Builders Association

Needlestick Injuries Working Group30 Mar 2000 To review the available data and information on preventing needlestick injuries, make recommendations on good practice and specifically consider the value of safety devices and make recommendations on their possible use in the NHSiS. The review will be based on risk assessment and take account of current practice and procedures and of the cost and benefit to the NHSiS of current and alternative practices. Recommendations to the Minister by the group should be practical, achievable and affordable and take account of current and planned health and safety laws. Due to be published shortly 19 members
New Deal Advisory Task Force for Scotland Jul 1997To advise on policy and design issues in relation to the New Deal for Young People; to promote and market the New Deal to employers and encourage employer commitment; to monitor the progress of implementation; and to look at the coherence of the framework of the other New Deals and welfare to work initiatives in Scotland. NoneIan Robinson (Chair; Chief Executive of ScottishPower)

24 members

New Housing Partnerships Steering Group Dec 1997To help develop thinking on New Housing Partnerships, to assess proposals submitted by individual local authorities and to make recommendations to Ministers regarding the distribution of New Housing Partnership resources. New Housing Partnerships 1998-99 - May 1998

New Housing partnerships 1998-99 - Oct 1998

New Housing Partnerships 1999-2002 - Feb 1999

Glasgow New Housing Partnerships - Nov 1999

New Housing Partnerships Steering Group - June 2000

David Belfall (Chair; Scottish Executive)

8 members:

  Broomleigh Housing Association

  Chartered Institute of Housing in Scotland


  Scottish Executive x2

  Scottish Federation of Housing Associations

  Scottish Homes

Non Clinical 27 Mar 2000 None 8 members:

  Argyll & Clyde Acute

  Forth Valley PCT

  Grampian Health Board

  Greater Glasgow PCT

  Health Department

  Scottish Ambulance Service


  Willis Scotland UK

Parents as Partners Strategy Group19 Jan 2000 To be determinedTo advise and assist in the development of strategies in schools and education authorities designed to improve effective involvement of parents through:

  understanding and assisting their children's learning

  addressing parental information needs at individual, school and authority level

  responding to parents - including complaints procedures and advice services

  seeking parental views on relevant issues.

None 10 members:

  Association of Directors of Education in Scotland x2

  Scottish Consumer Council x2

  Scottish Executive x2

  Scottish School Board Association

Procurement Supervisory Board6 Jan 2000 To oversee the Scottish Executive's procurement strategy, advising on priorities and opportunities for improvement in the light of Ministers' wider objectives on efficiency, modernisation and competition in the public sector in Scotland. John McClelland (Chair; 3 Com)

14 members, including representatives from:

  Common Services Agency

  Fife Council

  Inland Revenue

  National Australia Bank

  Scottish Courage

Race Equality Advisory Forum To advise the Executive on a strategy to address broad racial equality issues; prepare action plans to eradicate institutional racism; and advise on the best way to consult people with ethnic minority backgrounds. Action plans due to be published Sep 2000 Jackie Baillie (Chair; Scottish Executive)

22 members:

  Black Community Development Project

  British Agencies for Adoption and Fostering


  Centre for Education for Racial Equality in Scotland (CERES)

  Central Scotland Racial Equality Council

  Commission for Racial Equality, Scotland

  Community Service Volunteers Ethnic Minority Health Action Project in Glasgow

  Enterprise Centres in Glasgow and Edinburgh

  Falkirk Council

  Fife Racial Equality Council

  Glasgow Chamber of Commerce

  Glasgow City Council x2

  Grampian Racial Equality Council

  Greater Glasgow National Health Service Primary Care Trust

  Inverness College

  NCH Action for Children's San Jai Chinese Project

  Positive Action in Training and Housing Scotland

  Scottish Council of Jewish Communities

  Scottish Ethnic Minority Research Centre

Rehabilitation Technology Services Advisory Group (ReTSAG) Aug 1997To address the recommendations of the 1996 National Services Division Review of the Prosthetic and Wheelchair Services. The Group will subsequently advise on the commissioning of quality services for the delivery of all types of rehabilitation technology in a way which ensures equity and consistency and which is in line with future government policy. It will also advise on how to facilitate the effective funding, co-ordination and dissemination of new developments in these service areas. None 24 members:

  Health Boards x6

  NHS Trusts x10

  Prosthetic user representative

  Scottish Executive x4

  Scottish Healthcare Supplies

  University of Strathclyde

  Wheelchair user representative

Restriction of Liberty Order Pilot Project National Advisory Group 2 Apr 1998To consider and advise on the following aspects of the restriction of liberty order pilot projects in advance of the start of the projects:

  operational procedures for criminal justice agencies and the contractor

  liaison and training arrangements

  production of guidance and information

  monitoring the progress of the pilot projects as required.

NoneF Hird (Chair; SEJD Adult Offenders and Victims Issues Division)

14 members:

  Aberdeen City Council

  Aberdeen Sheriff Court House

  Crown Office


  Grampian Police

  North Ayrshire Council

  Scottish Court Service

  Scottish Executive Justice Department (SEJD)

  Sheriff x2

  South Lanarkshire Council

  Strathclyde Police


Review of the Councils of Voluntary Service 15 Sep 1999To address:

  the role of the Councils of Voluntary Service in building community capacity

  organisational measures to strengthen the network of CVS in a way which will support the role of individual CVS in capacity building

  the improvement of present structures of funding

  the development of a set of quantitive/outputs/ outcomes to measure the effectiveness of CVS's use of government grant to deliver social policy objectives, especially in relation to the social inclusion agenda.

Review of CVS - 15 Nov 1999 11 members:


  CVS Scotland

  Deputy Minister for Communities

  Highlands and Islands Enterprise

  National Lottery Charities Board

  Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations

  Scottish Executive x5

Review of the Structure of the Police and Fire Services in Scotland Jul 1999To review, having regard to the principles of Best Value, ways to maintain and where possible improve the quality of service provided by a) the police service and b) the fire service in Scotland. The review will consider options for the best means of delivering police and fire services in the future including existing central functions and their organisation, considering the costs and benefits of the current arrangements and of other options for each service; of possible changes in demand and in technology, which may affect the way in which each service is delivered; and the need to maintain local accountability. Interim report submitted to Ministers in Jun 2000 15 members:

  Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland x2

  Association of Scottish Police Superintendents x2

  Central Scotland Police x2

  Chief Fire Officers Association

  COSLA x3

  Fire Brigade Union x2

  Lothian & Borders Fire Brigade

  Retained Firefighters Union

  Scottish Police Federation x2

  Strathclyde Fire Brigade

Rural Community Transport Grant Scheme Steering Group 2 Jul 1998To:

  oversee the successful implementation for the Rural Community Transport Grant Scheme in the first year

  consider the best ways of maximising participation in the Scheme

  fine tune the grant application form and grant conditions of the Scheme and the timescale for applications

  consider the list of projects put forward by the Rural Transport Development Officer and agree a final list of suitable projects to go to the Scottish Executive Minister for approval.

None   Association of Transport Co-ordinating Officers

  Community Transport Association


  Scottish Executive

SBG Action Plan Sub-group1996 To:

  advise, co-ordinate and monitor those existing costed action plans where a Scotland-based agency is the "contact point"

  advise on "champions" for those costed action plans

  oversee preparation of costed action plans in the next tranche for species and habitats of particular importance in Scotland

  liaise with other groups over these costed action plans where there is a significant Scottish interest but where the Scottish Biodiversity Group is not in the lead.

Michael Usher (Chair; SNH)

13 members:

  Alister Jones, Forestry Commission

  Clifton Bain, RSPB

  Robin Harvey, SAMS

  Steve Atkins, SNH

  Andy Douse, SNH

  Jane Dalgleish, SOAEFD

  Joanna Drewitt, SOAEFD

  Stuart Downes, SOAEFD

  Steve Sankey, RSPB

  Cameron Easton, SOAEFD

  David Rae, RBGE

  Mark Young, University of Aberdeen

SBG Agricultural Sector Group1998 To raise awareness at all levels in these sectors of the Government's Biodiversity objectives, and the contribution which these sectors can make to achieve these objectives. Mr John Henderson (Chair; SERAD - Ag Staff)

14 members:

  Dr John Sheldon, COSLA

  Dr Peter Pitkin, SNH

  Mr Peter Harrison, Forestry Commission

  Mr Mike Williams, FWAG

  Mr George Lawrie, NFUS

  Mr Malcolm Taylor, RICS

  Mr Chris McDonald, SAC

  Mr Sandy Renfrew, Crofters Commission

  Mr Gerry Smith, SERAD - CANH

  Ms Fiona Newcombe, Scottish Environment Link

  Mr Donald Bailey, SERAD - Ag Staff (Secretary)

SBG Business and Biodiversity Sector Group Nov 1997As above. Hugh Morison (Chair; SWA)

  David Anderson, Scottish Power

  Seaton Baxter

  Jane Clark, SNH

  Eileen Mackay

  Charles McGill, UDV

  Geoff Pearson, SERAD

  John Ramsay, SERAD

  Eliane Reid, SNH

  Roddy Yarr, Scottish Airports

  Stuart Downes, SERAD (minutes)

  Vicky Abernethy, National LBAP Project Officer

  Jenny Carter, Carter Rae Communications

  Emma Parkes, NE Scotland LBAP Project Officer

  Jane Dalgleish, SERAD

  Angus Maclauchlan, Shanks

  Alisdair Meldrum, SEELLD

  David Minns, RSPB Scotland

SBG Education Sector GroupFeb 1999 To increase awareness of and aid the understanding of the Government's policies for biodiversity throughout the education sector. Bob Kay (Chair)

10 members:

  Adrian Fenn, SNH

  Denyse Kozub, SCCC

  Alastair Lavery, RSPB Scotland

  John Ramsay, SERAD

  Ken Thomson, Falkirk College

  Stuart Downes, SERAD (minutes)

  Deirdre Elrick, Community Learning Scotland

  Bob Hogg, SEED

  Moira Laing, University of Strathclyde

SBG Publicity and Marketing1996 To take forward the proposals for public awareness and involvement set out in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan Steering Group Report in the Scottish context. David Minns (Chair; RSPB)

6 members:

  Rob Edwards

  Iain Rennick, SNH

  Jane Murray, FE

  John Ramsay, SOAEFD

  Stuart Downes, SOAEFD

  Katherine Bradshaw, SEPA

School Drug Safety Team1998 To ensure that appropriate guidance on handling drug incidents is available to teachers and thereafter decide on the effectiveness of drug education in schools, consider teacher-training needs on drug matters and promote the exchange of best practice. Guidelines for the Management of Incidents of Drug Misuse in Schools - 28 Jun 2000 Ken Corsar (Chair; Glasgow City Council)

11 members:

  Harry Black, Fife Primary Care NHS Trust

  Christine Compton, Aberdeen City Council

  William Crosbie, Castlebrae Community High School, Edinburgh

  Barry Dougall, Strathclyde Police

  Joan Forrest, University of Strathclyde

  Beth McIntyre, Kirkland High School and Community College, Fife

  Alistair Ramsay, Scotland Against Drugs

  Raymond de Souza, City of Edinburgh Council

  Harvey Stalker, HM Chief Inspector of Schools

  Justine Walker, COSLA

  Deirdre Watson, Scottish Child Law Centre

  Ian Young, Health Education Board for Scotland

School Education Information Advisory Group 14 Dec 1999To provide a forum to allow partners in the school education system to consider and identify the key strategic information required and to ensure that the net burden on data providers is minimised, whilst maximising the value of the information. None 16 members:

  Association of Head Teachers in Scotland


  East Dumbartonshire Council

  Head Teachers' Association of Scotland x3

  Fife Council

  Midlothian Council

  Perth & Kinross Council

  Scottish Borders

  Scottish Executive x3

  Scottish Qualifications Authority

  South Lothian Council

Scottish Advisory Committee on Alcohol Misuse 1998To advise the Scottish Executive on policy, priorities and strategic planning in relation to tackling alcohol misuse in Scotland. None14 members
Scottish Advisory Committee on the Dental Workforce May 1999To take forward strategic workforce planning for the whole dental workforce. Ray Watkins (Chair; Chief Dental Officer, Scottish Executive)

18 members:

  Dental Services Manager

  Fife Primary Care NHS Trust

  Dental Practitioner   

  Head of Teaching and Funding, Scottish Higher Education Funding Council (SHEFC)

  Postgraduate Dean of Dental Education, University of Glasgow Dental School

  Dental Practitioner, Edinburgh

  Consultant in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Glasgow Dental Hospital and School

  Dean of Dentistry, Dental School, Dundee

  Dental Director, Scottish Council for Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education (SCPMDE)

  Tutor in Dental Hygiene, Glasgow Dental Hospital and School

  Consultant, Lanarkshire Health Board

  Consultant in Restorative Dentistry   

Scottish Biodiversity Group1996 To:

  report and liaise as appropriate with UK/country groups, national targets groups, local issues group and information group

  promote public awareness and involvement through government stimulated action, local action and promoting programmes of action by key sectors including environmental education and provide regular progress reports to the UK Biodiversity Group.

Jane Dalgleish (Chair; SERAD)

27 members:

  Sandy Cameron, SERAD

  James Curran, Scottish Environment Protection Agency

  Cameron Easton, SERAD

  John Henderson, SERAD

  Stuart Housden, RSPB Scotland

  Alister Jones, Forestry Commission

  Bob Kay

  George Lawrie, National Farmers' Union of Scotland

  David Rae, Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh

  John Ramsay, SERAD

  Paul Ramsay, Scottish Landowners Federation

  John Sheldon, COSLA

  Alastair Sommerville, Scottish Wildlife Trust

  Michael Usher, Scottish Natural Heritage

  Jeff Watson, Scottish Natural Heritage

  Jim White, Defence Estates

  Stuart Downes, SERAD (minutes)

  Craig Campbell, CBI Scotland

  Ian Duncan, Scottish Fishermen's Federation

  Rory Dutton, Scottish Crofters Union

  Campbell Gerrard, sportscotland

  Paul Jarvis, University of Edinburgh

  Isabelle Low, SERAD

  Diane McLafferty, SERAD

  David Minns, RSPB Scotland

  Hugh Morison, Scotch Whisky Association

  Michael Scott, Plantlife

Scottish Breast Screening National Advisory Group 1 Aug 1994To advise the SEHD on the introduction of the breast cancer screening programme, to monitor effectiveness and efficiency and to review progress. None Lesley Wilkie (Chair; Director of Public Health, Argyll and Clyde HB)

14 members:

  Aberdeen University

  Breast Screening Centre, Dundee

  Breast Screening Centre, Glasgow

  Crosshouse Hospital

  Forth Valley HB x2

  GP, Earlston Health Centre, Borders


  Nurse Counsellor, Glasgow

  Radiography QA, Edinburgh

  Scottish Executive Home Department (SEHD) x2

  Victoria Infirmary

  West of Scotland Breast Screening

Scottish Cancer Group1 May 1998 To lead and direct Scotland's cancer strategy; and to lead and advise Ministers/Scottish Executive/Chief Medical Officer on cancer issues. Reports to Chief Medical Officer Harry Burns (Chair)
Scottish Cervical Screening National Advisory Group 1 Jul 1998To advise the Minister for Health in Scotland and the Chief Medical Officer on clinical and policy matters regarding the Scottish Cervical Screening Programme (SCSP), including quality assurance and performance standards. Ian Duncan (Chair; Clinical Director, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Dundee University Hospitals NHS Trust)

20 members:

  Aberdeen Royal Infirmary

  Argyll & Clyde Health Council

  DOH (Observer) x2

  Glasgow Royal Infirmary

  Health Boards x4

  Inverclyde Royal Hospitals

  Lothian University Hospitals NHS Trust

  Marie Curie Cancer Care

  Monklands Hospital

  Netherton Surgery, Dunfermline

  NI Office (Observer)

  Ninewells Hospital

  SEHD x2

  Welsh Office (Observer)

Scottish Charity Law Review Commission 29 Mar 2000Easter 2001 To review the law relating to charities in Scotland and to make recommendations on reforms considered necessary. Jean McFadden (Chair; Lecturer in Law at Strathclyde University and formerly President of COSLA)

14 members:

  Colin Crosby, Fund Manager, Aberdeen Asset Management plc

  Gillian Donald CA, Scott Moncrieff CA

  Martyn Evans, Director, Scottish Consumer Council

  Richard Fries, Visiting Fellow of the Centre for Civil Society at the London School of Economics

  Alistair Grimes, Chief Executive, Community Enterprise in Strathclyde

  Keith Jones, Head of Law and Administration (North), Aberdeenshire Council

  Kaliani Lyle, Chief Executive Officer, Scottish Association of Citizen's Advice Bureaux

  Simon Mackintosh, Partner, Turcan, Connell, Solicitors

  Ian MacPherson, Head of Legal Services, Strathclyde Police

  John Naylor, Secretary and Treasurer of Carnegie United Kingdom Trust

  David Orr, Director, Scottish Federation of Housing Associations

  Avril Sloane, Administrator, Glasgow Educational and Marshall Trust

  Jeanette Wilson, Solicitor to the Church of Scotland

Scottish Community Fire Safety Strategy Group 13 May 1999To consider and advise on community fire safety strategies; to develop and recommend an annual programme of activities by the partners in community fire safety; and to report annually to the Scottish Central Fire Brigades Advisory Council. None  Chief and Assistant Chief Fire Officers Association


  Fire Protection Association

  HM Inspectorate of Fire Services for Scotland

  Scottish Executive

Scottish Compact: Consultation in Good Practice Guidance 23 Nov 1999To help Divisions throughout the Scottish Executive who work with voluntary organisations, community groups or volunteers to carry out their responsibility to implement the Compact. Non-departmental public bodies and Scottish Executive Agencies may also find the guidance helpful in carrying forward their responsibilities for implementing the Compact. The Scottish Compact Good Practice Guides Consultation Document - 22 Nov 1999-15 Feb 2000   SCVO

  Scottish Executive - Voluntary Issues Unit

Scottish Conveyancing and Executry Services Board Policy Review 1 Nov 1999To carry out a study of the Scottish Conveyancing and Executry Services Board status and the relevance of its functions (Prior Options Study) in accordance with Cabinet Office guidance and having regard to the needs of the conveyancing and executry services profession. Alastair Clark (Chair; SCEB)

  Scottish Consumer Council


  University of Glasgow

Scottish Integrated Workforce Planning Group 31 Aug 1999Expected Spring 2001 To advise the Director of Human Resources on how to make workforce planning an integral part of the way the NHS in Scotland responds to the new challenges facing the service. Interim report - Apr 2000

Scottish Integrated Workforce Planning Group - Stage One Report

Gillian Needham (Chair; Postgraduate Dean, Aberdeen Postgraduate Centre)

20 members:

  Argyll and Clyde Health Board

  Dundee Dental School

  Dumfries and Galloway Acute and Maternity Hospitals

  National Board for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting for Scotland

  NHS Trust


  Glasgow Royal Infirmary

  ISD Scotland x2

  Lanarkshire Primary Care NHS Trust

  Napier University

  Ninewells Hospital

  Practices made Perfect Ltd

  Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh


  Royal Victoria Hospital, Dundee

  Scottish Executive x3



Scottish Management Steering Group25 Apr 1999 To manage the Scottish arm of the pilot, providing guidance and making decisions where necessary on issues related to the pilot; to monitor implementation of the Pilot and development of a QA structure; and to ensure collaboration and effective liaison with the English arm of the Pilot Jan Warner (Chair; National Co-ordinator, CCU)

18 members:

  Evaluation Group x2

  GPs x3

  Health Boards x3

  NHS Trusts x7

Scottish Manufacturing Steering Group24 June 1999 To consider the priority issues for Scottish manufacturing; to identify the potential opportunities; and to recommend the additional actions which the Executive, other bodies and companies could take to help develop the manufacturing sector. The Way forward for Scottish Manufacturing in the 21st Century - March 2000 29 members:

  CBI Scotland

  CR Smith

  Electronics Scotland

  Federation of Small Businesses

  Glasgow Science Centre



  Institute of Directors

  Institute of Engineers and Shipbuilders

  MacFarlane Group


  Murray Technology Associates


  Scotch Whisky Association

  Scottish Chambers of Commerce

  Scottish Engineering

  Scottish Enterprise

  Scottish Executive x5

  Scottish Financial Enterprise

  Scottish Textile Manufacturers Association


  Transport and General Workers Union

Scottish Offender Employment ForumFeb 1999 To establish and implement an effective multi-agency approach to improving the employability of offenders in Scotland through education, training and other opportunities. None 14 members:

  Adult Offenders and Victims Issues Division

  Apex x2

  Association of Scottish Colleges

  Benefits Agency


  Employment Service, Sheffield x2

  Employment Service Office for Scotland

  New Deal and Adult Training Division

  Scottish Enterprise


  Stirling Council Criminal Justice Social Work Services

Scottish Partnership ForumApr 1998 On-goingTo be the national forum for involving and engaging with trade unions/staff organisations on the modernisation agenda, specifically in respect of the human resources policy and partnership working. None30 members:





  Greater Glasgow Health Board

  Health Department x2

  HR Strategy Implementation Manager

  Labour Relations

  Lothian Occupational Health Service

  North Glasgow University Hospitals NHS Trust

  PIN Board Secretary

  Primary Care NHS Trust x5

  Regional Industrial Organiser

  Royal College of Nursing

  Scottish Office

  Senior Industrial Relations Officer

  Society of Radiographers

  STUC Representative

  West Lothian Healthcare NHS Trust

  Yorkhill NHS Trust

Scottish Partnership on Domestic Abuse Nov 1998To recommend a strategy on domestic abuse which is firmly located within the Government's overall strategy on violence against women which takes into account the impact of domestic abuse on children and young people and the need for effective intervention strategies to prevent male violence against female partners and their children. Anne Smith (Chair; QC)

21 members:

  COSLA/Local Authority x4  X4

  National Health Service


  Crown Office x2


  Scottish Prison Service

  Law Society of Scotland

  Women's Aid x5

  Victim Support Scotland

  Rape Crisis Scotland x2

  Zero Tolerance Charitable Trust

  Scottish Office/Scottish Executive x12

  Consultant/research adviser

Scottish Studentship Scheme Advisory Group May 1999To select successful applicants for 75 awards under the Scottish Studentship Scheme - an annual academic competition for awards for advanced postgraduate research in the arts and humanities. None 12 members
Secure Accommodation Advisory Group12 Jan 2000 To consider a number of key issues for the future direction of Executive policy towards the use and development of secure accommodation for children and young people; and to offer advice to Scottish Ministers. None15 members:

  Dundee City Council

  Fife Police (Deputy Chief Constable)

  Glasgow Children's Panel

  Glasgow City Council

  HMI Young Offenders Institution Polmont

  Rossie School

  Scottish Children's Reporter Administration x2

  SEED x2



  St Mary's Kenmure School


SEN Advisory ForumMar 2000 2003To advise Scottish Ministers on the development and implementation of policies to improve the standards of provision for special educational needs and their consistent application throughout Scotland. Peter Peacock (Chair; Deputy Minister for Children and Education)

19 members:

  Director Sleep Scotland, Member of Enable's National Children's Committee

  Scottish Independent Special Schools Group

  Deputy Regional Councillor, Royal College of Speech and Language Therapy

  Chief Executive, Dumfries and Galloway Health Board

  Head of SEN Department, Strathclyde University

  Association of Directors of Social Work

  Adviser: Support for Learning, Borders Council

  Consultant Paediatrician, Royal Hospital for Sick Children

  Association of Directors of Education

  Chair; Association of Scottish Principal Educational Psychologists

  Scottish President, National Association for Special Educational Needs

  COSLA x2

  Chair of Social Policy, (Disability Studies), Glasgow University

  President, Scottish Support for Learning Association

  Headteacher, Royal Blind School, Edinburgh

  Children in Scotland

  Scottish Assoc. of Pre-School Home Visiting Teachers for Children with Special Educ. Needs

  Parent, and information worker for families, of children with special needs

Small Business Consultative Group (SBCG) 19 Jan 2000To provide a forum for discussion of small business policy issues between the Scottish Executive and the business community. While items for discussion will normally focus on issues devolved to the Scottish Parliament, it will be possible by agreement to discuss reserved matters. It will be open to the core members to suggest issues for debate. None Henry McLeish (Chair; Minister for Enterprise and Lifelong Learning)

8 members:

  CBI Scotland's Smaller Firm Committee

  Deputy Minister for Enterprise and Lifelong Learning

  Federation of Small Businesses

  Forum of Private Business


  Scottish Chambers of Commerce


Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Steering Group 7 Feb 2000To oversee and audit in a Scottish context the implementation of the Scottish Executive's action plan published in July 1999 in response to the report of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry. Jim Wallace (Chair; QC MSP, Deputy First Minister and Minister for Justice)

19 members:


  Association of Scottish Police Superintendents

  Commission for Racial Equality


  Deputy Crown Agent

  Scottish Executive (Justice Department) x2

  Scottish Police Federation

Strategic Change Unit Capability and Leadership Reference Group 18 Jan 2000To shape the Executive Development Programme for NHSiS Executives None 12 members:


  Dumfries and Galloway Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

  Grampian Primary Care NHS Trust

  Scottish Executive (Home Department) x2


  Strategic Change Unit


  Tayside University Hospitals NHS Trust

  University of Glasgow

  Yorkhill NHS Trust

Strategic Change Unit Reference Group25 Oct 1999 To provide strategic context for the Unit by identifying:

  key changes and developments which are likely to affect the NHS in Scotland in the immediate and medium term future

  social, political and technological developments which may influence health services development and planning over he next 5-10 years

  funded priorities for organisational and management development for the NHS in Scotland

  feedback on the performance of the Unit.

None19 members:

  Border Health Board

  Clinical Standards Board

  Dumfries and Galloway Health Board

  Eglinton Management Centre

  Falkirk Council

  Forth Valley Acute Hospitals NHS Trust x2

  Greater Glasgow Health Board

  Hamilton Scott Consultants

  Lothian Health Board


  North Glasgow University Hospitals NHS Trust

  Scottish Executive Home Department x2

  SCU x2

  Tayside Primary Care NHS Trust

Strategic Issues Working Group To discuss how joint priorities between the Executive and local government can be identified, agreed and delivered to reflect both the priorities in "Programme for Government" as well as local priorities; and to examine ways of securing outcomes in terms of service delivery from budgets, with less emphasis on targeting and ring-fencing resources at specific services. None David Middleton (Chair; Scottish Executive)

15 members:

  Aberdeen City Council

  Angus Council

  City of Edinburgh Council x2


  Scottish Executive x7

  South Ayrshire Council

Strategic Review of Need and Procurement Policy for Linear Accelerators Jun 1999To review the need and procurement policy for linear accelerators in the cancer centres in Scotland. None 11 members:

  Grampian University Hospital

  Lothian University Hospital

  North Glasgow University Hospital

  Raigmore Hospital

  Scottish Executive - Health Department x5

  Scottish Healthcare Supplies

Supporting People Stakeholders' Group19 Jan 2000 To provide advice to the Scottish Executive on the implications of proposed legislation and associated guidance on the long-term funding of the support needs of people in supported accommodation. The group will meet approximately 3 times a year until April 2003 and the introduction of the new arrangements. None 18 members
Task Force on Disciplinary Procedures for Chief Executives Jan 2000To review the adequacy of the current disciplinary and supporting procedures for chief executives. On-goingE C Davison (Chair; Scottish Executive)

8 members:

  ALACE x2

  COSLA x2

  Scottish Executive x2


Tayside Task Force15 Feb 2000 To work with the Tayside Health Board and the two local NHS Trusts to ensure that local health services are planned and delivered effectively and within the total resources available. Key objectives of the Task Force are to assist in restoring the confidence of the NHS staff and the people of Tayside in the health service and ensure that everyone in Tayside receives the well-run, high quality health service they deserve. Frank Clark (Chair; former General Manager of Lanarkshire Health Board)

5 members:

  David Bolton, Director of Primary and Community Service Development at Lothian Primary Care NHS Trust

  Cameron Revie, Pricewaterhouse Coopers

  Mike Fuller, Scottish Partnership Forum

  David Rowley, Chairman of Tayside Acute Services Review

Tenant Participation Working GroupMay 1998 To advise on ways of improving tenant participation across the public and social rented sectors in Scotland. Partners in Participation: A National Strategy for Tenant Participation - Apr 1999

Code of Practice on Tenant Participation in Stock Transfers - Summer 2000

Code of Practice on Tenant Participation in Best Value - Summer 2000

Code of Practice on Tenant Participation in Rural Areas - Autumn 2000

Code of Practice on Tenant Participation at the Local Level (in development)

Code of Practice on Tenant Participation at the National Level (in development)

Code of Practice on Tenant Participation in Area Regeneration (in development)


  Chartered Institute of Housing in Scotland

  Scottish Federation of Housing Associations

  Scottish Homes

  Scottish Tenants Organisation x6


  Tenant Information Service

  Tenant Involvement in the Islands, Grampian and Highlands Rural Areas (TIGHRA)

  Tenant Participation Advisory Service

Tourism Skills Group16 Feb 2000 Group still in process of being set up. It will set its own remit once membership has been announced by Minister. Peter Lederer (Chair)

Further members are to be announced once Ministerial approval has been given.

Treatment of HIV and AIDS - Expert Working Group 12 Jan 1998To:

  review the current and projected epidemiology of HIV infection and AIDS in Scotland, according to stage of disease

  reach an agreement regarding indications for treatment, treatment regimes and priorities to ensure optimum use of available resources

  note current arrangements for allocation of care and treatment resources to health boards

  consider the implications for delivery of related laboratory services.

NHS MEL (1999) 47 - Treatment of HIV and AIDS in Scotland: Report of an Expert Working Group Andrew Fraser (Chair)

10 members

Tripartite Working Group (Justice Department) 17 Jul 1997To allow an exchange of views on the operation of legal aid in Scotland. None Niall Campbell (Chair; Justice Department)

9 members:

  Justice Department x3

  Law Society of Scotland x3

  Scottish Legal Aid Board x3

Tripartite Working Group (SERAD)3 Jun 1999 Having regard to the serious decline in wild salmon and sea trout stocks in the west of Scotland and the sustainability of the salmon aquaculture industry, to:

  develop and promote the implementation of measures for the restoration and maintenance of healthy stocks of wild and farmed fish

  develop and promote the initiation of measures for the regeneration of wild salmon and sea trout stocks

  propose arrangements at a local and national level for taking forward the foregoing and to ensure that the results of this work are reflected in the development of local authority fish farm planning guidelines and framework plans.

Tripartite Working Group Concordat and Report - Jul 2000 Paul Brady (Chair; SERAD)

20 members:

  Association of Salmon Fishery Boards

  Association of West Coast Fishery Trust

  Atlantic Salmon Trust

  Freshwater Fisheries Laboratory, Pitlochry

  Marine Laboratory, Aberdeen x3

  Scottish Environmental Protection Agency

  Scottish Natural Heritage

  Scottish Quality Salmon x4

  SERAD x4

Victims Steering Group21 Feb 1996 To provide a consultative forum for the discussion of issues of relevance to the interests of victims and to advise on policy issues. None C Baxter (Chair; SEJD)

18 members:

  Crown Office

  Dumfries and Galloway Council

  HM Inspectorate of Constabulary

  Law Society

  Scottish Prison Service

  SEJD x9

  Sheriff's Association


  Victim Support Scotland x2

Working Group on HMO Guidance3 Sep 1999 To advise on and draft guidance for local authorities on the implementation of mandatory licensing of housing and multiple occupation (HMOs). 12 members
Working Group on Sex Education in Scottish Schools (McCabe Committee) 22 Feb 2000Jun 2000 In light of the Scottish Executive's intention to repeal section 2A of the Local Government Act 1986, to:

  consider the scope and general content of the package of safeguards described in the letter of 27 January 2000 to school boards and headteachers from the Minister for Children and Education

  report to the Scottish Executive on whether this package is sufficiently wide-ranging and robust to meet the legitimate concerns of the public, parents and teachers

  review existing curriculum guidelines, advice and support information bearing on sex education

  consider whether these existing materials and the existing arrangements for on-going review are sufficient to meet the legitimate concerns of the public, parents and teachers.

Report of the Working Group on Sex Education in Scottish Schools - 16 Jun 2000 Mr Mike McCabe (Chairman; Director of Education Services, South Ayrshire )

11 members:

  Headteacher of Cardinal Newman High School, North Lanarkshire

  Headteacher of Park Primary School, Alloa, Clackmannanshire

  Senior teacher at Dunard Primary School, Glasgow

  Vice Chair of Williamwood High School School Board, East Renfrewshire

  Scottish School Board Association

  Director of the Scottish Parent Teacher Council

  Convener of the Church of Scotland Education Committee

  Catholic Education Commission

  Director of the Centre for Education in Racial Equality in Scotland

Working Group on Single Social Tenancy 26 Jan 2000To oversee the preparation of a model single social tenancy agreement. Model Tenancy Agreement - due Spring 2001 8 members:

  Chartered Institute of Housing in Scotland

  Scottish Federation of Housing Associations

  Scottish Homes

  Scottish Tenants Organisation

  Shelter, Scotland

  Tenants Information Service


  Tenant Participation Advisory Service

Working Group on the Administration of Medicines in Schools 14 Sep 1999To develop good practice guidance for the administration of medicine in schools. In draft11 members
Total 102

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