Select Committee on Public Administration Sixth Report


Evidence published as HC (Session 1999-2000) 79-i to -x

Tuesday 30 November 1999

Professor J Stewart

Ms J Lenaghan, Ms J Steele, Ms A Coote and Professor S Harrison

Tuesday 30 November 1999

Professor Vivien Lowndes, Mr Lawrence Pratchett and Mr Steve Leach

Tuesday 7 December 2000

Mr J Rees and Mr B Page

Tuesday 11 January 2000


Dr Stephen Coleman and Dr Peter Bratt

Tuesday 11 January 2000


Dr Helen Margetts, Professor Christine Bellamy and Dr Stephen Coleman

Tuesday 18 January 2000

Mr Robin Wales, Ms Ruth Coleman, Mr Derek Whitaker and Ms Laura McGillivray

Mr Peter Wilkinson and Ms Amanda Ariss

Tuesday 15 February 2000

Dr Marion Barnes, Ms Sophia Christie, Dr Sue Brownill, Mr Neil McInroy and Mr Daniel Dobson-Mouawad

Wednesday 15 March 2000

Professor Patrick Dunleavy and Professor John Durant

Wednesday 29 March 2000

Sir Michael Lyons, Councillor Andy Howell, Dr Sue Goss and Professor Gerry Stoker

Wednesday 12 April 2000

Rt Hon Ian McCartney MP, Mr J Rees and Mr A Whysall

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Prepared 5 April 2001