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Memorandum by Calderdale Council

Further to your circular dated 23 November 1999, I now have pleasure in enclosing some information regarding some innovative consultation approaches.

  Calderdale MBC, like a number of councils, already has a citizens panel (Talkback), a business panel, and a Council newsletter (Calderdale Call), which are used for regular consultation. In addition a great deal of consultation is now being conducted by the various directorates for day to day consultation and Best Value. We are in the process of setting up a database to co-ordinate and streamline consultation wherever possible. The items sent we believe are not the run of the mill consultation that we do.

  If you have any queries regarding the information enclosed please contact me on the above number.

Sandy Teske


  On and off for several years the Council has received enquiries regarding skateboard provision in the area.

  At that time there was no dedicated provision for wheels activities (in-line skating, skateboarding and BMX). Users were using pavements, car parks, shop alleyways and any other suitable areas. This culminated in complaints from residents and shop owners and a petition from users themselves to have specific provision.

  Officers of the Sports Development Section (Leisure In Action) and Parks Departments initially met with a group of skaters using an area in Crow Wood Park, about the provision of a facility within the park. After meeting the Group it was clear what was wanted by skaters was a site nearer to the town centre which had good public transport access.

  There then began a series of informal meetings with the "leaders" of the group (who happened to be over 18) which included visiting possible sites around Halifax. In the meantime the skaters group drew up possible designs for the site bearing in mind the budget amount we were working to.

  Eventually a suitable site was found although tarmacing work needed carrying out.

  At that stage the skaters met with the equipment suppliers to discuss design and location of the equipment.

  The skateboard park is an open access park. For the first six months a Park Ranger (who had an interest in skating) was deployed to spend time in the park with skaters to discuss their needs and to ensure that it was being used properly. From this slight alterations in the design have been made.

  The park has now been open ten months. The next phase is to discuss with skaters improvements in the park that can be made as funding becomes available.

Nigel Harrison

Sports Development Manager

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