Select Committee on Public Administration Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Memorandum by Kirklees Metropolitan Council

I am writing in response to your invitation to submit evidence to the Select Committee Inquiry on Innovations in Citizen Participation in Government.

  The attached brief leaflet[9] summarises an Initiative which is in operation in Kirklees, through which a very wide range of children and young people influence local public services. It is a partnership between the Local Authority, Save the Children, and Calderdale and Kirklees Health Authority, and has significantly assisted public services to welcome and make use of the influence of children and young people who are (or could be) service-users.

  At the back of the leaflet there is a summary of the present and past projects undertaken through this Initiative. Each of these has been written up in considerable detail. However, in anticipation of the volume of evidence the Select Committee is likely to encounter, I thought it fairer to submit the summary leaflet. If there is interest in the contents I would be happy to expand. A total of 18 public service areas (Local Authority and Health) have so far undertaken projects under this initiative.

  I hope that it proves a valuable addition to the evidence which the Select Committee will be considering.

Mark Feeny
Policy Co-ordinator

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Prepared 30 April 2001