Select Committee on Public Administration Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Memorandum by the Lewisham Council

I am writing to submit evidence to the inquiry by the Select Committee on Public Administration into "innovations in citizen participation in government". In 1994, Lewisham Council embarked on an ambitious programme to find new ways to enhance participation in public life and include local people in the Council's decision making. The Council has tested and evaluated a wide range of methods and techniques including citizens' juries, a citizens' panel, and on-line consultation. We have also recently reviewed the impact of consultation on decision making. I enclose a number of documents that I hope will assist in the Committee's work:

    —  The Lewisham Listens Democracy Project, summary evaluation report, May 1997

    —  Lewisham Citizens' Panel, first year report, Office for Public Management, January 1998

    —  The Dialogue Project, report to Lewisham Council Democracy & Governance Sub Committee, 24 February 1998

    —  Consultation—does it make a difference? A review of the impact of consultation on decision making, September 1999

    —  Young Peoples Referendum—Your Vote, Your Choice, report to Lewisham Council Executive Committee, 8 September 1999 (including leaflet)

    —  The Democracy Project and Young People—an evaluation, report to Lewisham Council Democracy and Governance Sub Committee, 31 March 1998

  I also enclose a number of publications relating to citizen participation initiatives including:

    —  Leaflet for members of the Lewisham Citizens Panel

    —  Citizens' Panel newsletters

    —  Hearing the Messages—consultation update, May & August 1999

    —  Good Practice—a guide to consultation, August 1999

  Lewisham Council would also be pleased to provide oral evidence if the committee would find this helpful. Please contact me if you require any further information.

Stella Clarke
Policy & Partnerships Unit

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Prepared 30 April 2001