Select Committee on Public Administration Second Report

Appendix 1

Submitted by the Principal Clerk, Table Office, House of Commons

Following recent practice, I enclose a copy of the Table Office's list of questions which had been blocked by virtue of a minister's refusal to answer them in the Session 1999-2000.

I refer to the Table Office's previous memoranda to the Committee which set out the procedure relating to the compilation and use of the pattern of answers list. In line with previous years the list is neither a complete digest of blocking answers nor an absolute statement of what may not be asked. It is primarily an internal document designed as a practical guide to some of the limits set by ministers in replying to questions.

There are four points about style: subject headings may differ from the Official Report, since the list attempts to group types of response; page numbers refer to Hansard Daily Parts; additional supporting blocks are referred to with date and U I Number only, since that is sufficient for the Office's purposes for tracing on POLIS; and, for the sake of clarity, qualifications of blocks are included in italics (this is a change from previous years).

27 January 2000

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Prepared 17 January 2001