Select Committee on Public Administration Second Report



nodate SubjectComment qnocol.
111.1Meetings between ministers and officials
(Forest Enterprise)
Not customary to publish details of meetings between ministers and their officials 64979126
22.2Departmental Legislation Convention that legislative proposals for each year are not announced before the Queen's Speech at the start of the relevant Session 68416603
3  BSE Inquiry:        
32.3General No comment while Inquiry in progress72292 722
  5.5Salmon letters Distribution of Salmon letters a confidential matter for the Inquiry 83262398
44.3Agriculture Council Not practice to indicate in advance position ministers will take in the Council 72747909
518.3Internal Policy Documents
(Genetic Modification)
Not practice to reveal internal policy documents under Code of Practice on Access to Government Information 75098816
620.5Legal advice
(Genetically modified crops)
Practice not to disclose legal advice received by ministers 84729450
720.7Badger culling Number of threats and assaults on field staff in randomised badger culling withheld for operational and security reasons 91712495
720.7Threats and assaults on staffWhen badger culling started Details withheld for operational and security reasons 91707496

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Prepared 17 January 2001