Select Committee on Public Administration Second Report



nodate SubjectComment qnocol.
19.12 Departmental staff Inappropriate to give details of level of security clearance of individual officials 62841198
216.12 Northern Line Amount of damages payable by ALSTHOM for late delivery of trains commercially confidential 63402534
311.1 London Underground Details of estimated payments to the private sector as part of the public/private partnership withheld in order to protect the public sector's ability to gain value for money in the competition for infrastructure contracts. 6457133
  13.1   Figures for employing individual firms commercially confidential; but updated figures on general costs to be published at the end of the financial year and thereafter at six monthly intervals 64572
411.1 Paddington Station Adequacy of track and platform space a matter for the station operator, Railtrack; but the number of platforms are stated in the company's Railway Safety Case under which Railtrack must operate. Health and Safety Inspectorate satisfied about the arrangements for coping with congestion. 6466547
514.1 Air Traffic Services Advice from Credit Suisse First Boston on public/private partnership for National Air Traffic Services Ltd commercially sensitive and therefore confidential 65418247
619.1 Bus Fuel Rebate Scheme Amount paid to individual Bus Companies under the bus fuel rebate scheme is commercially confidential 66017445
73.2 Departmental Legislation Convention that legislative proposals for each year are not announced before the Queen's Speech at the start of the relevant Session 68421628
81.2 Waste RecyclingDetails of recycling rate of individual authorities and for particular materials supplied to the Department on a confidential basis 68138,
93.2 Pipework Materials Development of Water Industry specifications, choice of pipework materials, durability and susceptibility to damage a matter for the water and sewerage undertakers. 68116,
108.2 Ministerial Engagements Not practice to give details of Secretary of State's forthcoming engagements: and see 19.7 [91527](or of other ministers) 6984211
1115.2 Legal ServicesDepartments using solicitors in addition to their own legal departments and the Treasury Solicitor have a relationship which is covered by the usual confidentiality between lawyer and client 70029432
  15.3 Legal advice
Not practice to publish legal advice received 76451471
1216.2 London Underground (Consultants Fees) Not practice to publish forecasts of consultants' fees 71179602
1326.2 Foleshill Gasworks Not practice to give reasons for not calling in planning applications 73564484
141.3 Private Meetings
(Genetic Modification)
Not practice to give details of meetings with private individuals and companies: and see 12.7 [88784] 72248,
151.3 Franchise bids considered
Bids for rail franchises confidential: and see 4.11 [96931] 73152513
1629.3 Environment Council documents Council working documents confidential (including Presidency text) 78460461
1712.3 Land developmentBids for Land
(Warcop to Appleby Line)
Bids for British Railways land commercially confidential 76185385
  22.3 GLA BuildingInformation from developers on GLA Building sites commercially confidential 7782246
  23.6 British Railways Board (Land Sales) Individual sale prices of land withheld as commercial confidential 87605408
  27.7 Land valuationsValuations of individual North West Regional Development Agency properties commercial in confidence 93234343
1816.3 Transport Security Details in Annual Report of Director and Co-ordinator of Transport Security relating to stations inspected and issues identified for rectification withheld for security reasons 76507580
1929.3 Jubilee LineDetails of Cost Review commercially confidential 79166469
2013.5 Audit CommissionMinister has no function in relation to the work of auditors appointed by the Audit Commission: and see 18.5 [84104, 84117] 84064182
2124.5 Ministerial meetings Details of meetings between ministers not disclosed under Exemption 2 of the Code of Practice on Access to Government Information 849698
2230.6 Policy adviceNo plans to publish policy advice to ministers from officials in accordance with withheld under Exemption 2 of the Code of Practice on Access to Government Information : and see 16.7 [91049](convention not to comment on internal discussions between ministers and officials) 86257172
2327.7 Public appointments Details of candidates not appointed confidential under Exemption 8b of the Code of Practice on Access to Government Information 93229;
2411.11 National Air Traffic Services Names of confidential respondents to consultation paper on the National Air Transport Services withheld as confidential under Exemption 14 of the Code of Practice on Access to Government Information 98170699

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Prepared 17 January 2001