Select Committee on Public Administration Second Report



nodate SubjectComment qnocol.
17.12 Honours (Mr Peter Penfold) Department does not comment on honours issues 6234135
214.12 Sale of Properties Sale price and reserve price of departmental properties withheld as commercially sensitive; and see 14.1 [65683] for refusal to supply details of price and other terms in transactions and 22.3 [78033] for justification of refusal. 63819403
31.2 Departmental Legislation Convention that legislative proposals for each year are not announced before the Queen's Speech at the start of the relevant Session 68417495
416.3 Communications:Telegrams to posts(Sierra Leone) Telegrams to posts referred to confidential; and see 26.7 [92941] (messages from ambassadors— although part of message quoted) 77173616
  24.3 Governor or Ambassador(Gibraltar) Not practice to give details of confidential exchanges between Foreign and Commonwealth Office and any Governor or Ambassador; nor of operational instructions to Royal Gibraltar Police 78352297
  20.4 Foreign Governments
(Papua New Guinea)
Not practice to reveal the substance of confidential discussions with foreign governments: and see 10.5 [83468], 14.5 [84223] (information received in confidence - withheld under Exemption 1(c) of the Code of Practice on Access to Government Information ) 15.6 [86457] (with foreign authorities) 29.6 [88331] (with Russian Government - withheld under Exemption 1(c) of the Code of Practice on Access to Government Information ) 80878511
526.2 Intelligence matters
Technology Export Curbs
Intelligence constraints prevent naming institutions suspected of involvement in technology leakage 73253491
  22.6 FCO Establishment
Policy not to give details of operations of security and intelligence services; and see 30.6 [88637] (policy not to give details of staffing and organisation of intelligence services - withheld under Exemption 1 of the Code of Practice on Access to Government Information) 87601360
  26.4 Intelligence material(International War Crimes Tribunal) Not practice to publish intelligence material, even though given to International War Crimes Tribunal 8194234
  15.7 Espionage (Russia) Policy not to comment on intelligence matters; and see 26.10 [95569]; 1.11 [96547; 96548] (long-standing practice not to respond to speculation on alleged intelligence operations) 89609287
69.3 Common Foreign and Security Policy No discretion unilaterally to disclose reports of CFSP working groups which reveal negotiating position of other European states 75081179
724.3 Party discussions
(Pauline Green)
Not practice to give details of party political discussions 78397300
829.4 US-British-Russian Trilateral Agreement Names and locations of places visited withheld under the terms of the Trilateral Agreement and Exemption 13 of the Code on Access to Government Information, which covers third party commercial information given in confidence; and 29.4 [82249] 82250263
926.4 Job applications
(Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police)
Names of candidates for post of Deputy Commissioner applying to Department of International Development confidential 8185236
102.7 Ministerial travel Not policy for security and other reasons to disclose routes taken by ministers 89028315
1115.7 Non-proliferation policy Assessments on which non-proliferation policy is based withheld under Exemption 2 of the Code of Practice on Access to Government Information 91247290
1223.7 Kidnap casesDepartment does not comment on operational aspects of kidnap cases 92301727
1327.7 European Commission staff For reasons of personal confidentiality the Commission does not publish details of secondary employment of staff below the level of Commissioner 92033373
1427.7 Security clearance Not normal practice to comment on the security clearance of individuals 93056375
151.11 Contingency plans Not policy to discuss individual contingency plans 9649432

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Prepared 17 January 2001