Select Committee on Public Administration Second Report



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111.1 Patient's details
(West Middlesex University Hospital etc.)
Cannot comment on the circumstances of an individual patient's care without breaking confidentiality: and see 2.3 [73380]; 14.6 [86426] 6493172
23.2 Departmental Legislation Convention that legislative proposals for each year are not announced before the Queen's Speech at the start of the relevant Session 68422669
322.2 Legal ServicesDepartments using solicitors in addition to their own legal departments and the Treasury Solicitor have a relationship which is covered by the usual confidentiality between lawyer and client 70032127
412.3 Xeno-transplantations Information submitted with licence applications to UKXIRA confidential 72571409
  18.3   Names of external independent assessors appointed to advise on applications to UKXIRA not published 76502740
531.3 Official AdviceNot practice to discuss confidential advice to ministers from officials 79579827
61.7 Childhood vaccines Cost per dose of childhood vaccines commercially confidential 89008279
714.7 Service Level Agreements Copies of Service Level Agreements withheld under the Code of Practice on Access to Government Information 88424226
819.10 Land salesNot policy of NHS to reveal how much it receives from land sales as it is commercially sensitive 94194476
95.11 Ministerial correspondence Cabinet ministers' correspondence confidential 97223353

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Prepared 17 January 2001