Select Committee on Public Administration Second Report



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13.12 Security Service(Shapurji Saklavala) Policy not to confirm or deny whether the Security Service holds records on a particular person. 61649251
23.12 Operational matters (Police):

Personal Security Arrangements(General Pinochet)
Personal security arrangements are an operational matter for Chief Officers of Police 62119254
  1.2 Transfer of Officers Transfer of officers between CID and uniform duties an operational matter for Chief Constables 68052 427
  9.2 Costs in police operations(General Pinochet) Costs incurred in police operations relating to General Pinochet a matter for the Commissioner of the Police of the Metropolis and the Chief Constable of Surrey: see also 10.2 [70252] 70282143
  22.2 Speed CamerasEnforcement of road traffic law a matter for each chief police officer; they decide what technology to employ: and see 9.3 [73661, 73660]; 23.3 [77306;77290]; 20.4 [81599] (road traffic and public order legislation); 30.6 [88726] 71438126
  23.3 Suspension of Officers
Suspension of Police Officers a matter for Chief Officer concerned: wrong for minister to comment while investigation under way 77266173
  24.3 Operational Deployment of Police Operational deployment of police officers a matter for the Chief Constable 77280228
  18.1 Police Protection Established Government practice not to disclose the actual cost of protecting an individual or the details of the security provided for reasons of security: and see 3.3 [74477] 15.6 [86751, 86750] 5.7 [88849] — but see 30.3 [79345] for partial unblock specifying amount of departmental contribution for protection of Senator Pinochet 66007337
  10.2 Allocation of resources
For Chief Constable to determine the number in his force within available resources: and see 5.3 [74826]; 9.2 [69473](maintaining reserves); 15.2 [71037]; 16.2 [71042] 70065261
  11.6 Witness protection Number of officers engaged on witness protection in Eltham withheld in order to help maintain operational effectiveness 86194436
320.1 Home Affairs Council
(Terrorist Threats)
EU Terrorism Threat Assessment Document not to be released 66143481
421.1 Common Market Referendum
(Release of Security Service Files)
For Director-General of Security Service to decide when to release files, following Public Records Acts 1958 and 1967 66396553
54.2 Special AdvisersInformation on salaries and pay-bill costs of Special Advisers not provided in order to protect the privacy of the people concerned 69337759
64.2 Departmental Legislation Convention that legislative proposals for each year are not announced before the Queen's Speech at the start of the relevant Session 68420750
711.215.2 Police Authority
(Legal Costs)
Not practice to publish the names of those put forward for independent membership of police authoritiesFunding of legal costs of police officers entirely a matter for police authorities 70052
815.2 Requests from other Governments
(Louise Woodward)
Policy not to comment on fact or substance of requests from other Governments for mutual legal assistance in criminal matters 70572507
91.3 Security ServicePolicy not to disclose information about Security Service operations 73407568
103.3 Official Advice
(Stephen Lawrence)
Not practice to discuss advice to ministers from officials: and see 19.3 [76973]; 4.3 [73625] 74483762
114.3 Firearms Act 1968 Records of companies and individuals authorised to purchase &c prohibited weapons not available for reasons of security and commercial confidentiality 74251853
1211.3 Immigration Records
(Pascal Lissouba)
Not practice to disclose details of individuals' immigration records 76140334
1319.3 Prison VisitorsNames of members of Boards of Visitors of Prisons not published for reasons of personal security 76417830
1425.3 Interception of Communications Not policy and inconsistent with Interception of Communications Act 1985 to confirm or deny that warrant for or interception of communications has taken place; this includes revealing figures for interceptions in particular parts of the country 78524385
  29.6   No details of reasons for issuing interception warrants given further than published in the Annual Report of the Commissioner appointed under the Interception of Communications Act 1985 88718;
1530.3 Internal police inquiries:

Lancet Inquiry
Operation Lancet inquiry supervised by the Police Complaints Authority—for them to monitor progress; length of the investigation for them and the investigating officer; no comment on criminal or disciplinary investigations, esp. because Home Secretary is appellate authority 79094,
  13.4 Redwood InquiryNo comment while inquiry continues; and see 20.4 [81165], 4.5 [82537] 7959011
  20.4 Sergeant VirdiNo comment while inquiry continues 80631489
  18.5 Cleveland PoliceDetails of confidential matter discussed under s.100 of the Local Government Act not disclosed 84259296
1630.6 SubversionNot in public interest to add to information published in the 1998 booklet "MI5 The Security Service" 88224186
1722.7 S.133 of Criminal Justice Act 1988 Review of operation of the section internal and details withheld under exemption in Code of Practice on Government Information and Advice relating to internal discussion and advice 91828620
1811.11 Commission for Racial Equality Details of individual settlements relating to claims of racial discrimination by employees of the CRE confidential between the parties 98369799
1911.11 Siemens contractDetails of a package of changes to a contract commercially confidential 98242800

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