Select Committee on Public Administration Second Report



nodate SubjectComment qnocol.
17.12 Legal Advice (Ministerial Responsibilities) Legal advice attracting professional privilege withheld under the Code of Practice on Access to Government Information 6198765
27.12 Radioactive Waste
Arrangements for return of radioactive waste a commercial matter for BNFL and its customers 6249269
21.2 (Nuclear Reprocessing) Contracts between BNFL and German customers are commercially confidential 68427511
39.12 Departmental staff Inappropriate to give details of level of security clearance of individual officials 62832200
414.12 Millennium Dome
Details of termination of agreement between New Millennium Experience Company and International Management Group commercially confidential 63115
  17.12   Contractual arrangements between New Millennium Experience Company and sponsors commercially confidential: but see 17.12 [64422] for a partial unblock on the general terms in the contracts 62002,694,
59.3 Transatlantic Postal Services Contracting of air carriers for post an operational matter 72881112
620.1 Ministers
(Business Affairs Investigations)
Department has no role in investigating business affairs of ministers or other individuals; it only has a role in respect of limited companies. Disclosure in such cases of related papers subject to legal and commercial confidentiality constraints. 66450509
720.1 German Parcels(Purchase by the Post Office) Treasury Minute of Approval not published in line with normal conventions 66021511
  20.1   Details of Post Office purchase of German Parcels withheld as commercially confidential 66023511
  1.2   Precise details of the cost to the Post Office of the purchase of German Parcels commercially confidential: but financial implications will be reflected in published Post Office and Government accounts 66154499
820.1 Departmental/other investigations:

(London and Bishopsgate Investments)
Not policy to comment on whether Department is carrying out an investigation 66624512
  25.2 (Dubelle Foundation) Department does not comment on the affairs of a company in relation to possible investigations 71621512
  4.3 Companies Act Inspectors
(Mirror Group Newspapers)
Companies Act inspectors independent of department and not policy to comment on whom they interview 74762373
  29.6 City Flyer Express-BA merger Not policy to comment on timing or substance of competition cases in advance of publication of the Competition Commission's Report 8888790
92.2 Departmental Legislation Convention that legislative proposals for each year are not announced before the Queen's Speech at the start of the relevant Session 68411584
103.3 International Market Council,General Affairs Council Not practice to indicate in advance position ministers will take in the Council 72744,
114.3 Rogue Directors' Hotline Calls made to the Hotline confidential and details of individual cases cannot be given. 74763832
124.3 Use of post offices Charging arrangements for credit union transactions at post offices are operational and commercial matters for the Post Office: and see 9.3 [73914];26.7 [91749] (contractual arrangements with Benefits Agency confidential) 73913832
1312.3 Private Meetings
(Genetic Modification)
Not practice to give details of meetings with private individuals and companies 72245,
1423.3 Internal Policy Analysis
(Genetically Modified Organisms)
Not practice to reveal internal policy analysis under Code of Practice on Access to Government Information 75099139
1524.3 Individual companies Not policy to comment on the affairs of individual companies 77586268
1630.3 Overseas Postings Not appropriate to list individual's appointments and terms or conditions as requested 78439575
1719.4 Protection measures for MOX fuel in transit Physical protection measures for MOX fuel in ships in transit confidential for security reasons: and see 9.6 [85821](threat assessments confidential) 81079451
1819.4 University Challenge Inappropriate to publish a list of all bids submitted as they were in confidence 80814453
1911.5 ECGD meetings(Ilisu Dam) Minutes of ECGD meetings commercially confidential 8271186
2030.6 RoverExact conditions of the aid package to Rover commercially confidential 88503162
218.7 Patent applications
(Genetic engineering)
Patent applications confidential until published 89932581
2220.7 BNFLPart of Report into Public Private Partnership options withheld as confidential; names of contributing stockbrokers withheld 92059;
234.11 Export Guarantee Advisory Council EGAC minutes not published 97105287

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Prepared 17 January 2001