Select Committee on Public Administration Second Report



nodate SubjectComment qnocol.
130.11 Pensions mis-selling Mis-selling of Free Standing AVCs and top-up pensions a matter for the Financial Services Authority 6118684
230.11 Customs & Excise:
Not Customs & Excise policy to disclose detailed information relating to operational activity: and see 16.4 [80712] 6171787
  30.11 (Controlled deliveries of drugs) Not practice to disclose Customs and Excise internal reviews of procedures used in controlled deliveries 6148687
  16.2 (Sierra Leone-Weapons) Not practice to comment publicly about existence or nature of investigations into breaches of export control 70663634
  22.2 (Arms embargoes)Not policy to comment publicly about the existence or nature of current investigations 7104980
  22.2 (Arms embargoes)Investigation and prosecution of alleged breaches of arms embargoes a matter for Commissioners of HM Customs and Excise 7156685
31.12 Details of compliance costs
Details of discussions on compliance costs commercially confidential 61184154
417.12 European Code of Conduct Group
(ECOFIN—Tax Harmonisation)
Work of Code of Conduct Group's including first interim report to ECOFIN confidential 64335,
519.1 Personal tax detailsFormer Ministers) Details of loan by former Paymaster General to former Secretary of State for Trade not a matter for Treasury ministers 66457,
  19.1 (Tax Affairs of individuals) Treasury ministers have no responsibility for or involvement in the tax affairs of individuals: and see Oral Answer 10.12 (Law on taxpayer confidentiality prevents the Inland Revenue from disclosing information on the tax affair of any particular taxpayer) [61749]; 30.3 [79549]; 8.7 [90184]; 21.7 [90623] 66446396
  20.1 (VAT details—Miller Dywidag Joint Venture) Finance Act 1989 and Official Secrets Act 1989 prohibit disclosure of personal information from the VAT register without the taxpayer's permission, unless it can be demonstrated that it is in the public interest to do so. 66338480
  20.1 (Tax details—Joint Industry Board for the Electrical Contracting Industry) Cannot comment on Board's tax arrangement with the Inland Revenue 66147480
  28.1 (Inheritance Tax Exemption) Rules on taxpayer confidentiality prevent reply to detailed questions on tax exemption. 67204349
  14.6 Landfill tax credit scheme Information obtained by Customs and Excise from landfill operators about contributions made under the landfill tax credit scheme confidential 8614829
616.2 Financial Services Authority Use and cost of advertising by FSA a matter for FSA 71129634
723.2 Computerisation Projects Costs of contracts for continuing IT projects commercially confidential 71785245
817.3 European Investment Bank Details of terms of repayment of European Investment Bank loans or information on other contributory sources of finance confidential 76772660
919.3 Tax receiptsFigures for tax receipts not available by region 77005,
1022.3 Individual Savings Accounts Cost of market research a matter of commercial confidentiality 7730896
1122.3 Credit Suisse First Boston Not policy to comment on existence of any investigation until appropriate to make public details of an investigation that has been carried out 7707697
1220.4 KPMGProspective contracts' details cannot be disclosed until they are awarded; they are until then commercially confidential 81421492
1312.7 Inter-governmental consultation on VAT Consultation on confidential basis: details of responses refused 8892180
1421.7 NIRS2Terms of contract with Andersen Consulting confidential and withheld under Exemption 13 of the Code of Practice on Access to Government Information 91652557
1510.11 Kuwait Gold Reserves Date when Bank of England agreed to act as a depository for Central Bank of Kuwait gold withheld as commercially confidential 97675642

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Prepared 17 January 2001