Select Committee on Public Administration Second Report

Parliamentary Questions tabled to the Minister for the Cabinet Office

1.2.99Departmental legislation
Reasons for refusal: Exemption 10. There is a long standing convention that legislative proposals for each year are not announced in advance of the Queen's speech
8.6.99Cabinet Committees
Reasons for refusal: Exemption 2. Membership of Cabinet and Cabinet Committees is made public. Information relating to the proceedings of Cabinet and Cabinet Committees is confidential.
17.6.99Joint Consultative Committee
Reasons for refusal: Exemption 2. Internal discussion and advice is not normally made public.
11.11.99Special Advisers
Reasons for refusal: Exemption 12. Pay bands are made public but individual salaries are not in order to protect the privacy of the individuals concerned. The exception to this rule is the three advisers (Jonathan Powell, Alastair Campbell and Keith Hellawell) who are paid outside the normal salary range.

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Prepared 17 January 2001