Select Committee on Public Administration Second Report

Example from letter from Tom Pendry, Member of Parliament for Stalybridge and Hyde

Example of answer by Department for Culture, Media and Sport

  Mr Tom Pendry (Stalybridge and Hyde): To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, if he will list the amounts of monies (a) distributed to good causes from the National Lottery Fund and (b) which have yet to be allocated. [116489]

  Mr Chris Smith

  All the funds in the National Lottery Distribution Fund available for distribution have been allocated to the National Lottery Distributing Bodies, and all but £200 million of this money has already been committed by them. While money remains in this Fund, it earns tax free interest which goes to the good causes, not Government. (HC Deb 27 March 2000, col 67w)

Example of answer by the Department of Social Security

  Mr Flynn: To ask the Secretary of State for Social Security what is the shortest possible time between announcement and implementation of the annual uprating of benefits. [97556]

  Angela Eagle: The Benefits Agency has a well established uprating plan that is currently based on the uprating announcement being made by late November/early December (HC Deb 5 November 1999, col 341w)

Tom Pendry MP

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