Select Committee on Public Administration Minutes of Evidence

Supplementary memorandum by Geoff Mulgan, Director, Performance and Innovation Unit

  During my appearance before the Select Committee on Public Administration on 17th January, Andrew Tyrie requested information about the Strategic Futures Group (SFG). I agreed that we should provide details of the membership of the SFG.

  Please therefore find enclosed a list of main members of the SFG and the individuals from the Cabinet Office with a co-ordinating role.


    Head of Policy and Corporate Strategy Unit
    Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

    Director of Policy Studies, CMPS
    Cabinet Office

    Director, Performance & Innovation Unit (Chair)
    Cabinet Office

    Deputy Director, Performance & Innovation Unit
    Cabinet Office

    Head of Strategy Division
    Department for Education and Employment

    Policy Innovation Unit
    Department for Education and Employment

    Head of Policy Strategy Integration Division
    Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions

    Head of Policy Planning Staff
    Foreign and Commonwealth Office

    Head of Strategic Planning
    Department of Health

    Strategic Policy Team
    Home Office

    Head, Corporate Strategy Unit, Aid Policy Department
    Department for International Development

    Head of Planning
    Lord Chancellor's Department

    Policy Planners
    Ministry of Defence

    Head of Policy Unit
    National Assembly for Wales

    Economic Policy Unit, Office of the 1st Minister & Deputy 1st Minister
    Northern Ireland Executive Committee

    Director, Foresight
    Office of Science & Technology

    Policy Unit
    Scottish Executive

    Member yet to be identified
    Department of Social Security


    Strategic Futures Team

    Development Policy Division

3   After only two meetings of the group, membership is not yet at full quota. Back

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Prepared 22 March 2001