Select Committee on Scottish Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Supplementary memorandum from the Brewers' and Licensed Retailers' Association of Scotland


  The member companies of the Brewers' and Licensed Retailers' Association of Scotland fully support the need for a buoyant Scottish Tourist Trade.

  Our brewer members supply and distribute their brands the length and breadth of the country. They support both rural areas and busy towns.

  Our retail members have key sites throughout the country supported by a significant investment ensuring a quality offer to visitors to Scotland wishing to sample the many benefits of the pub experience.

  It is therefore concerning to receive reports of an 11 per cent drop in foreign visitors losing £123 million in revenue.

  There is no doubt the high price of fuel particularly in rural areas is a major factor in dissuading foreign visitors to come to Scotland. A continued decline can only impact on to further loss of revenue to our businesses in Scotland and a risk of loss of employment.

  We would ask petrol duty should at least be frozen (if indeed not reduced) until there is a level playing field with the rest of Europe.

  As an Association we will continue to play our part in supporting the Scottish Tourist Industry.


  We are currently developing the creation of a definitive pub register through the internet for visitors to Scotland. We would, of course, support any initiative using the strength of our industry to encourage visitors to Scotland.

Brewers' and Licensed Retailers' Association

October 2000

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Prepared 9 March 2001