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Select Committee on Scottish Affairs First Report


Memoranda were received from the following organisations and individuals:

1. British Soft Drinks Association
2. Highland Spring Limited
3. Gleneagles Spring Water Company Limited
4. The Scotch Whisky Association
5. Diageo plc
6. The Edrington Group Limited
7. The Scotch Whisky Association
8. The Brewers' and Licensed Retailers' Association of Scotland
9. Scottish and Newcastle plc
10. The Brewers' and Licensed Retailers' Association
11. Scottish and Newcastle plc
12. The Scottish Council for Development and Industry
13. The Gin and Vodka Association of Great Britain
14. The Gin and Vodka Association of Great Britain
15. The Belhaven Brewery Company Limited
16. The Institute for Fiscal Studies
17. Scottish Trades Union Congress
18. Scottish Enterprise
19. Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)
20. Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)
21. Greater Glasgow Health Board
22. Alcohol and Health Research Centre

6  Page numbers refer to the Minutes of Evidence published in separate parts in the series HC 973-i and ii, Session 1999-2001 and HC 114-i to iv, Session 2000-2001. Back

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Prepared 1 May 2001