Select Committee on Science and Technology Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Annex 1

  NERC undertakes or funds a wide range of programmes which contribute to understanding of climate change. These include studies of past and natural climate change; processes, modelling and prediction of anthropogenic climate change; and impacts.


    Palaeoclimate research and earth system modelling for enhanced climatic and environmental prediction.
    Coupled ocean-atmosphere processes and their effects on European climate.
    Clouds, water vapour and climate.
    Arctic ice environmental variability.
    Data assimilation and the interpretation of satellite data to understand variability and change in the atmosphere.
    Geostationary earth radiation budget instrument.
    Ocean circulation and climate advance modelling project.
    Rapid global geological events.
    Ocean drilling program.
    Atmospheric chemistry studies in the oceanic environment.
    Terrestrial initiative in global environmental research.
    UK universities global atmospheric modelling programme.
    Centre for Global Atmospheric Modelling.
    Core strategic measurements for atmospheric science.
    Ecosystems and environmental change.
    Oceans, climate change and consequences for the coastal zone.
    Large-scale long-term ocean circulation.
    Climate Change Centre.

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