Select Committee on Science and Technology Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Memorandum submitted by the Council for the Mathematical Sciences

  We are pleased that the outcome of the recent public spending review has resulted in the continued favourable treatment of science funded by the DTI. We hope similarly favourable treatment will be forthcoming for research funded by other ministries. We are sure that you will understand that our concern is for mathematics and the health of our subject in the broadest sense. We particularly welcome the increasing evidence of the acknowledgement of the importance of mathematics both in its own right and in an underpinning role across the whole of science and technology; particularly of the role that mathematics can play in wealth creation in the UK.

  On this underpinning role, we would bring to your attention the first paragraph of the Objectives of the Mathematics Programme of EPSRC, (see:

    "Mathematics is a pervasive discipline that underpins all other disciplines and contributes to advances made in them for the benefit of their user communities. New developments in other disciplines can lead to novel mathematical approaches, while unifying concepts in mathematics bring together apparently diverse applications in different fields. Mathematics is therefore a vital component of a healthy science and engineering base."

  We have noted with satisfaction the increase in the EPSRC mathematics budget of 85 per cent over three years, even though this was from a very low initial base. We believe that it will be necessary to continue this rate of increase in the future, if mathematics is to play its essential supporting role to the development of other sciences and technology.

9 January 2001

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Prepared 3 April 2001