Select Committee on Science and Technology Fourth Report


Minutes of Evidence taken in this inquiry were published in Session 1998-99 as HC 796-i

Wednesday 17 June 1998

Sir Robert May

These Minutes of Evidence include a memorandum from:

The Office of Science and Technology

A volume of Memoranda received in this inquiry was published in Session 1999-2000 as HC 465

This volume includes memoranda from:

1.Emeritus Professor J F Lamb
2.Mr Neville Craddock
3.The Engineering Council
4.Health and Safety Executive
5.Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
6.UK Life Sciences Committee
7.Society for General Microbiology
8.Bioscience Network
9.British Medical Association
10.Medical Research Council
11.Institution of Civil Engineers
12.Mr Philip W Strachan
13.British Ecological Society
14.Council of Science and Technology Institutes
15.The Royal Academy of Engineering
16.The Weinberg Group
17.Institute of Physics
18.Institute of Biology
19.Institution of Professionals, Managers and Specialists
20.Natural Environment Research Council
21.British American Tobacco
22.The Royal Society
23.Trades Union Congress
24.Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
25.The Royal Society of Edinburgh
26.British Association for the Advancement of Science
27.Economic and Social Research Council
28.Greenpeace UK
29.Professor Ian G Halliday
30.Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council
31.Leatherhead International Ltd, BIBRA International, Camden & Chorleywood Food Research Association and Brewing Research International
32.The Geological Society
33.The Earl Baldwin of Bewdley
34.Forensic Science Service
35.Food and Drink Federation
36.Save British Science Society
37.Health and Safety Executive Interdepartmental Liaison Group on Risk Assessment Risk Communication Sub-group
38.London Centre for Governance, Innovation and Science
39.The Royal Society of Chemistry
40.Professor Ian Begg, South Bank University, Professor James Gorbert, University of Essex, and Ms Sarah Plant, South Bank University
41.Consumers' Association
42.Sir John Knill
43.Office of Science and Technology
44.Microshield Industries PLC
45.British Diabetic Association
46.National Physical Laboratory
47.Dr Claudia B and Mr Arthur J Hayward-Costa
48.Dr P J Watkins, Honorary Medical Advisory Panel on Diabetes and Driving
49.Rt Hon Michael Meacher MP, Minister for the Environment

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Prepared 21 March 2001