Select Committee on Science and Technology Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 40 - 44)




  40. We must come to a conclusion there. If you have a very quick point, Mr Bronsdon, because I have a final question for you?
  (Mr Bronsdon) Just to comment that there are devices under development that do not necessarily use moving parts under water for the exploitation of tidal energy.

  41. My very quick question to you is, since you are interested in exploiting technology, in many of the submissions we have received there has been a suggestion that there ought to be better international competition in the field of wave and tidal energy, and we might get further forward. Do you think it would be possible to foster some form of competition between those West European countries that have got tidal and wave strengths, such as our country, Portugal, Ireland, The Netherlands and Denmark, is it possible to foster some form of spirit of competition, or are we just going to rely on Denmark to provide all the technology?
  (Mr Bronsdon) I believe it would be a significant benefit actually to try to draw those issues together. One area would be looking at, for example, within a test site, by providing a monitoring base, you can foster the competition between performance of either companies or devices, under varying conditions, and actually that provides a very good basis for a testing ground within the British Isles.

  42. And we might be able to share technology and share the risk and share the rewards?
  (Mr Bronsdon) Yes.

  43. On that happy note, and we are dead on five o'clock, and I know two of my colleagues have to leave, and we also have another set of witnesses; may I thank you both for travelling some distance to be with us. Dr Taylor, thank you very much for putting Greenpeace's point of view, and, Mr Bronsdon, thank you very much indeed for interrupting your studies for your Business Degree, which I think you are sitting tomorrow or tonight, is it?
  (Mr Bronsdon) In an hour and a half's time.

  44. We wish you all the best in that.
  (Mr Bronsdon) Thank you.

  Chairman: Thank you.

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Prepared 8 May 2001