Select Committee on Science and Technology Seventh Report


BNFLBritish Nuclear Fuels Limited
DETRDepartment of the Environment, Transport and the Regions
DGTREN  Directorate General for Energy and Transport
DTIDepartment of Trade and Industry
EPSRCEngineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
ETSUEnergy and Technology Support Unit
EUEuropean Union
FPFramework Programme
FWPVFloating Wave Power Vessel
IEAInternational Energy Authority
kWhkiloWatt hour
MAFFMinistry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
MoDMinistry of Defence
NERCNatural Environment Research Council
NETANew Electricity Trading Arrangement
NFFONon Fossil Fuel Obligation
NGCNational Grid Company
NI-NFFONorthern Ireland Non Fossil Fuel Obligation
OFFEROffice of Electricity Regulation
OFGASOffice of Gas and Supply
OfgemOffice of Gas and Electricity Markets
OFREGOffice for the Regulation of Electricity and Gas
p/kWhpence per kiloWatt hour
PESPublic Electricity Supplier
PIUPerformance and Innovation Unit
RCEPRoyal Commission on Environmental Pollution
RECRegional Electricity Company
RORenewables Obligation
SEEFScottish Energy and Environment Foundation
SPRUScience and Technology Policy Research Unit
SROScottish Renewables Obligation
TOETonne of Oil Equivalent
WECWave Energy Convector

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© Parliamentary copyright 2001
Prepared 8 May 2001