Select Committee on Science and Technology Second Special Report


Funders' Forum on Ageing Research and Older People

Terms of reference

  • To discuss and exchange information on current activities and future funding priorities.

  • To consider issues of mutual interest relating to all types of research from basic, clinical, social and health and welfare programme through to technology and design.

  • To identify areas that would benefit from joint working approaches.

  • To develop a joint strategy to disseminate the activities of the Forum.

Member organisations (to date)

Alzheimer's Society

Anchor Trust


British Heart Foundation

Department of Health (including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)



Joseph Rowntree Foundation


Nuffield Foundation

Research into Ageing

Stroke Association

Wellcome Trust

National Director for Older People's Services (ex officio)

Professor Alan Walker (ex officio)

Chair of the cross-Council Co-ordinating Committee (ex officio)

OST (observer)

Meeting schedule

At least twice a year.

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Prepared 30 April 2001