Select Committee on Science and Technology Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Annex A

  1.  The Centre for Activity and Ageing

    The University of Western Ontario
    Ontario N6A 3K7

  "The Centre for Activity and Ageing combines research investigation of the interrelationship of physical activity and ageing, and the translation of research findings into strategies in order to maintain the ageing population in independent lifestyles, or to maintain or improve the function levels of those living in a more dependent environment."

  2.  National Ageing Research Institute Incorporated

    PO Box 31
    Parkville VIC 3052

  "To be the centre of excellence in Australia in medical research (biological, clinical and service delivery) into the causes and consequences of ageing and its social accompaniments. We aim to achieve this by:

    —  Conducting research into all aspects of the biology of ageing, including, not limited to, the cause, prevention and cure of disease, and the relief of suffering, associated with ageing.

    —  Conducting and promoting research and inquiry into the provision and effectiveness of clinical care, health services and technologies provided to the aged.

    —  Conducting and promoting research into the health status and health needs of the aged.

    —  Developing the highest academic standards of study and practice in medicine as it relates to the aged.

    —  Providing and promoting education concerning ageing by the expansion, advancement and dissemination of knowledge concerning all aspects of ageing."

  3.  American Federation for Ageing Research

    1414 Avenue of the Americas
    18th Floor
    New York
    NY 10019

  "Since 1981, the American Federation for Ageing Research (AFAR) has helped scientists begin and further careers in ageing research and geriatric medicine. Our mission is to promote healthier ageing through biomedical research. We fulfil this mission by:

    —  Supporting biomedical research that promotes healthier ageing and furthers our understanding of the ageing process and its associated diseases and disorders;

    —  Building a cadre of new and young scientists in ageing research and geriatric medicine;

    —  Offering opportunities for scientists and physicians to exchange new ideas and knowledge about ageing; and

    —  Promoting an awareness among the general public, in the United States and abroad, about the importance of ageing research."

  4.  United States Department of Agriculture

    Human Nutrition Research Center on Ageing
    Tufts University
    MA 02155

  "HNRC investigators address three general questions of central importance to their mission:

  1.  What are the nutrient requirements necessary to obtain optimal function and well being for a maturing population?

  2.  How does nutrition influence the progressive loss of tissue function associated with ageing?

  3.  What is the role of nutrition in the genesis of the major chronic, degenerative conditions associated with the ageing process?"

  5.  University of Southern California

    Ethel Percy Andrus Gerontology Center
    3715 McClintock Avenue
    Los Angeles
    CA 90089-0191

  "The quality of life available to older persons and their evolving role in society are critical concerns. Through the efforts of the faculty, staff, and Board of Councillors, the Andrus Gerontology Center is committed to promoting successful ageing and an older population that is healthy, active and involved in the life of the community and nation. Erected as a tribute to Ethel Percy Andrus, the Andrus Gerontology Center is committed to understanding ageing and preparing professionals to work in an ageing society."

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