Select Committee on Science and Technology Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Memorandum submitted by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

Table 1


ThemeGrantReference Principal InvestigatorInstitution Name Department NameProject Title Value (£)
Built EnvGR/M04679Dr NA Tyler University College LondonCivil and Environmental Engineering Accessible Public Transport in Rural Areas (APTRA) 227498
Built EnvGR/M04730Prof A Tinker Kings College LondonGerontology An Information/Navigation Aid for Complex Indoor Space Feasibility Study to Establish Older People's Needs 41153
Built EnvGR/M04884Dr J Hanson University College LondonBartlett School of Architecture & Planning Profiling the Housing Stock for Older People, the Transition from Domesticity to Caring 210846
Built EnvGR/M05171Dr ACTweed Queen's University of BelfastArchitecture Integrated Control and Communication Systems for Distributed Sheltered Housing in the Community 45703
Built EnvGR/M05270Prof PS Barrett Salford UniversitySurveying A Feasibility Study into Creating Accessible Environments within the Briefing Process 41466
Built EnvGR/M05416Dr BA Conway Strathclyde UniversityBioengineering Unit Development of a Wheelchair Virtual Reality Motion Platform for use in evaluating Wheelchair Access 120002
Built EnvGR/M05553Dr WJ Davies Salford UniversityApplied Acoustics Hearing Loss in the Built Environment: The Experience of Elderly People 36545
Built EnvGR/M05799Prof D Gann The University of SussexSPRU—Science and Technology Policy Res Feasibility study: Technologies for Telecare in the Home 40020
Built EnvGR/M06055Dr PA Aspinall Heriot-Watt UniversityCollege of Art Glare Disability and its Practical Consequences in Patients with Glaucoma 129425
Built EnvGR/M06215Prof TJ Shields University of Ulster at ColeraineSchool of Built Environment Feasibility Study Identifying Cost Effective Strategy for Realisation of Life Time Homes in Existing Stock 31442
Built EnvGR/M06253Prof HR Kirby Napier UniversityTransport Research Institute Auditory Location Finder (ALF) with Emergency Call Facility for Blind, Elderly & Visually Impaired People 147001
Built EnvGR/M068480Mr AR Atkinson South Bank UniversitySchool of Construction Affordable Housing Adaptations using Modular Construct—A Case Study of Accessible Toilets & Bathrooms 48008
DesignGR/M68510Prof JM Porter Loughborough UniversityDesign and Technology A Design Tool for the Multivariate Estimation of Percentage Accommodated 260298
Built EnvGR/M068985Dr E Burton Oxford Brookes UniversitySchool of Architecture Designing the External Physical Environment to Extend Quality of Life for Older People with Dementia 182675
Built EnvGR/M69197Mr M Ormerod Salford UniversitySurveying Bridging the Gap between Theory & Implementation in Accessiblity—A Best Practice Approach 248726
Built EnvGR/M69234Mr PT Blythe Newcastle UniversityCivil Engineering Improving Accessibility for those with Impaired Mobility (I-AIM) 135700
Built EnvGR/M69326Dr DJ Withington Leeds UniversityPhysiology The Development of an Auditory Navigation Beacon for Building Emergency Egress 196141
Built EnvGR/M69333Dr TP Fernando Salford UniversityInformation Technology Institute The Development of an Auditory Navigation Beacon for Building Emergency Egress 61296
DesignGR/M69449Mr R Coleman Royal College of ArtIndustrial Design Engineering Include—Inclusive Design for the Whole Population 138617
DesignGR/M69456Mr M Johnston The London InstituteCentral St Martins College of Art & Design Include—Inclusive Design for the Whole Population 91381
DesignGR/M69470Dr PJ Clarkson Cambridge UniversityEngineering Include—Inclusive Design for the Whole Population 187213
Built EnvGR/M70018Prof MH Matthews University College NorthamptonSchool of Environmental Science Modelling Access with GIS in Urban Systems (MAGUS): An Application to Wheelchair Users in Northamptonshire 125098
Built EnvGR/M70025Prof PR Tregenza Sheffield UniversitySchool of Architectural Studies Design for Dementia: An Evidence based Approach to Standards in Caring Environments 187618
Built EnvGR/M70353Mr K Bright University of ReadingConstruction Management & Engineering Deafness, Design and Communication in the Built Environment

DesignGR/M70360Prof A Tinker Kings College LondonGerontology Older Users' Perspectives on Mobility—Related Assistive Technology Research: An Explanatory Study 47697

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