Select Committee on Science and Technology Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Letter to the Clerk of the Committee from Mr Reg Sell, Past President, the Ergonomics Society

  On 7 January I sent you a page of evidence on the Ergonomics Society for your Committee's inquiry into the Equal Programme.

  Since I sent that page I have spoken to Ian Gibson and briefly at the POST meeting on Monday to Guy Rickett and so have a better idea regarding your concerns.

  Ergonomics is central to the improvement of quality of life at all ages and especially so for those who are disabled or getting older. I have since consulted with some of my colleagues in the Society who have a special interest in this area to get their views on the Programme and discover that they all know very little about it.

  To what extent that is their fault and to what extent the Programme's I do not know. One of them reckoned they could find out more about your inquiry than about the Programme itself!

  I hope you find these comments useful.

3 February 2000

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Prepared 17 January 2001