Select Committee on Social Security Minutes of Evidence

Annex A

Regulated Social Fund Discretionary Social Fund
Applications received (000)203 70N/A643 1,6801,294
Decisions (000)20370 N/A6501,699 1,295
Awards (000)17244 1142191,017 939
Awards as % of decisions84 63N/A34 6073
Refusals (000)3426 N/A426647 336
Gross Expenditure £m17 38198 39662
Recoveries £mN/A 1N/AN/A 37353
Net Expenditure £m17 3719823 9
Average Award £101 8668.5449 38966

MP  =  Maternity PaymentCCG  =  Community Care Grant
FP  =  Funeral PaymentBL  =  Budgeting Loan
CWP  =  Cold Weather PaymentCL  =  Crisis Loan
N/A  =  not applicable

Notes :

  1.  There is no requirement to claim Cold Weather Payments.

  2.  This table includes 35,000 awards amounting to approximately £14 million made under the previous budgeting loan scheme .

  3.  The difference between applications received, decisions, awards, and refusals, is due to applications being withdrawn; applicants not responding to loan offers; and, not decided at the time the count was made.

  4.  The number of discretionary awards made after review are not included in the table. However, if awards were counted this way then the percentage of decisions resulting in an award would be: Community Care Grants (42%), Budgeting Loans (61%) and Crisis Loans (73%).

  5.  Figures and percentages may not sum due to rounding.

  6.  Average MP awards exceed £100 because of multiple births.

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Prepared 4 April 2001