Select Committee on Social Security Third Report


7 February 2001

Elaine Kempson, Personal Finance Research Centre, University of Bristol [Q. 1 to Q. 52]

Professor Gary Craig, Professor of Social Justice, University of Hull [Q. 53 to Q. 87]

Sir Richard Tilt, Social Fund Commissioner, Pauline Adey, Independent Review

Service Manager, and Ann Greenshields, Aide to the Social Fund Commissioner [Q. 88 to Q. 158]

14 February 2001

Mrs Liz Mackenzie, Miss Catherine von Ruhland, Miss Sally Moxon and Liz Forest, Claimants of Social Fund [Q. 159 to Q. 209]

Dr Bob Holman, Community Worker, Easterhouse, Glasgow [Q. 210 to Q. 254]

28 February 2001

Mr Duncan Tree, Policy Officer, Local Government Association, Mr Neil Bateman, Joint Commissioning Manager, Suffolk County Council and Suffolk Health Authority Welfare Rights Unit, Mr Terry Patterson, Welfare Rights Adviser, Manchester City Council, and Mr Alaster Calder, Head of Surrey Welfare Rights Unit, Local Government Association [Q. 255 to Q. 295]

Ms Helen Dent, Chief Executive, Family Welfare Association, Mr John Wheatley, Social Policy Officer and Mr Alan Barton, Social Policy Adviser, National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux, and Ms Beth Lakhani, Citizens Rights Office Welfare Advice Worker, Child Poverty Action Group [Q. 296 to Q. 333]

7 March 2001

Angela Eagle MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Mr Stephen Watson, Operations Director, Chilterns Home Counties, and Mr Christoper Evans, Working Age Group, Head of Financial Support Change Branch, Department of Social Security [Q. 334 to Q. 448]

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Prepared 4 April 2001