Select Committee on Social Security Minutes of Evidence

Annex A


  The indicative target out-turns are given below and are subject to validation before publication.

  Target 1.  Average waiting time for an appeal to be heard of no more than 14 weeks from the time of receipt in the Appeals Service.

  Achieved.  Average waiting time achieved was 13.6 weeks.

  Target 2.  No more than 10 per cent of cases to be outstanding for more than 26 weeks.

  Not achieved.   The percentage over six months old was 19 per cent.

  Target 3.  To reduce avoidable adjournments by 25 per cent.

  Not fully achieved.  A reduction of 10 per cent was achieved. However, it should be noted that only 15 per cent of all adjournments are due to administrative error; and adjournments due to administrative error affect only 2 per cent of those cases which are listed for hearing.

  Target 4.  To publish a service first statement, put in place arrangements to collect information on performance against the new measures and meet the published standards.

  We published a service first statement which set out the standards which our customers can expect in a range of areas including notice of hearing, payment of expenses and responding to correspondence. Throughout the year, mechanisms for collecting data on these targets have been developed—this data is still being collated and will be published in the Annual Report.

  Target 5.  To put in place monitoring systems to allow a secretary of state target for customer satisfaction to be set by April 2001.

  The first national survey of customers was carried out at the end of 2000 and a related target has been set for 2001-02.

  Target 6.  By March 2001, work with others in the department to develop, pilot and evaluate new ways of measuring staff perception of the organisation to improve satisfaction and motivation.

  A staff perception survey encompassing all members of staff was carried out.

  Target 7.  To lead and manage people effectively through specified measures and contribute to the reduction in public sector sick absence by reducing absences by 10 per cent from 1998 PSA baseline levels by December 2000.

  Achieved.  By December 2000, we had reduced the sickness absence rate from our baseline of 6 per cent (13 days per head) to 4.6 per cent (10.4 days per head)—a reduction of 20 per cent.

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Prepared 13 June 2001