Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Fifth Report


List of responses received to the Committee's Fifteenth Report of Session 1999-2000:
Consultation on Proposed Amendments to the Rules relating to the Conduct of Members

Mr Tony Baldry MP
Rt Hon Margaret Beckett MP[46]
Mr Harold Best MP
Mr Tim Boswell MP
Mr John Butterfill FRICS MP
Mr Dale Campbell-Savours MP
Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke QC MP[47]
Ms Claire Curtis-Thomas MP
Mr Quentin Davies MP
Mr Alan Duncan MP
Mr Howard Flight MP
Mrs Teresa Gorman MP
Rt Hon John Gummer MP
Rt Hon Douglas Hogg QC MP
Hon Bernard Jenkin MP
Miss Julie Kirkbride MP
Rt Hon Sir Nicholas Lyell QC MP[48]
Lord Neill of Bladen QC, Committee on Standards in Pubic Life[49]
Rt Hon Andrew MacKay MP
Dr Denis MacShane MP
Rt Hon John Major CH MP[50]
Mr Jim Murphy MP
Mr Patrick Nicholls MP
Mr Archie Norman MP
Professor Dawn Oliver, University College London
Mr Richard Rouse
Rachel Squire MP
Dr Phyllis Starkey MP
Mr Peter Viggers MP

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47  See Minutes of Evidence, p.18. Back

48  See Minutes of Evidence, p.29. Back

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Prepared 23 March 2001