Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witness (Questions 34 - 39)




  34. Welcome to the Committee, Mr Kapasi. Of course you are the Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Leicestershire, and you have brought with you your solicitor, Mr Mark Stephens of Finers Stephens Innocent.

  (Mr Kapasi) That is right, sir.

  35. Mr Stephens, you will only answer questions that we put to you but of course you can advise your client accordingly at any time.
  (Mr Stephens) Sir, could I ask one question to clarify a matter at the beginning?

  36. Only on procedure, nothing else.
  (Mr Stephens) It was really this, that we at the moment do not know the identities of the complainants.

  37. I am sorry. That is not a matter you can raise. We will be putting to Mr Kapasi questions. It will be for him to answer with or without the advice that you may wish to offer him. Right, Mr Kapasi. We are looking into the relationship with Mr Vaz. How and when did you meet him? What are your connections with Mr Vaz?
  (Mr Kapasi) I have known Mr Vaz since around 1985 before he was elected an MP. My dealings with him have only been on a community issue basis in terms of somebody coming to see me to say, "Look, can you please help me with an immigration issue or a housing issue?". Then I would refer him to Mr Vaz. We met before he became an MP. He was setting up an organisation called Leicestershire Asian Business Association, which I was a founding member of as well, so we had that connection before.

  38. How much money did you give Mr Vaz during the period in more recent times?
  (Mr Kapasi) I have never given any money to Mr Vaz except the £52 donation to one of his charities called Sahara Trust.

  39. Did he ask you for any money at any time?
  (Mr Kapasi) He has never asked me for any money.

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Prepared 16 March 2001