Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witness (Questions 780 - 786)



  780. Returning to the events where Keith Vaz would come to your office two or three times a year perhaps, from roughly when he became a Member of Parliament to roughly the time you moved offices, about six years. Would you have records of when those events were and who attended them?
  (Mr Zaiwalla) If I go through the files, there would not be any tabulated record, but if the invitation was sent by letter, if you look at all the copy letters, the files those days were not computerised.

  781. I am not asking you to do it and I am not saying it may matter.
  (Mr Zaiwalla) There would be some record and we can also get a record from the Law Society booking of the dining room.

  782. That is where they were held?
  (Mr Zaiwalla) Most of my events were held there.

  783. There is some kind of audit trail that is possible to find, if it matters?
  (Mr Zaiwalla) Yes. The way those events were held, a VIP would come from abroad and then I would call a few people and one or two potential clients to be there.

  784. Lastly, the calendar that was associated with Mr Vaz, if I can put it gently. The cheque was made to the printers called Wildberry. Do you happen to know if they have any link with Mapesbury?
  (Mr Zaiwalla) No.

  785. You do not know?
  (Mr Zaiwalla) No.


  786. Thank you, Mr Zaiwalla, for coming along and answering our questions.
  (Mr Zaiwalla) Sir, may I make one request? I am very concerned that your report does not damage me further from the point of view of the allegations which Mr Milne has made. In one of the complaint letters to Mrs Filkin, Mr Milne has alleged that I was involved in the Bofors case in India and alleged that I had received $50 million, which was a completely and utterly malicious falsehood. My firm only acted as solicitors for the Bachchan brothers, who were alleged to have received the kickback. We won that case and we only received professional fees of some £80,000. I am very anxious that, if you exhibit any part of that allegation as part of the accompanying documents, the Indian press will take it up. This is a trap that Mr Milne has set and that is how I got damaged last time around. I wondered if you would expunge those false, malicious allegations against me that I received money in the Bofors case.

  Chairman: We may wish to take account of that. Thank you very much.

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Prepared 16 March 2001