Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Minutes of Evidence

Examination of witness (Questions 900 - 904)



(After a short break)


  900. I think that concludes everything we need to ask you. Thank you very much for coming along.
  (Mr Vaz) Mr Bindman has said he wants to do another submission on the evidence which has been given by Peter Soulsby and by Jaffer Kapasi, if that is going to be helpful to the Committee and you feel that would be of use. It is just that we only got notice of the two notes that Mrs Filkin had and, quite properly because it said Beaumont Lees (?) at the top, she did not realise it was to do with Mr Kapasi, in which of course the City Attorney, as you have probably gathered, looked into this matter and found out what Mr Soulsby was saying could not be sustained. Did you see those notes?

  Chairman: Yes, we have had them.

Mr Bottomley

  901. The City Attorney said there was no evidence to substantiate it or he had evidence which contradicted it?
  (Mr Vaz) He had no evidence at all and it was dangerous to make assertions about people.

Mr Campbell-Savours

  902. We have had that.
  (Mr Vaz) The other thing missing from the bundle is the minutes of my meeting with Mrs Filkin and I wonder if the Committee would like a copy of the minutes of that?

  Chairman: By all means send us anything at all which you think is of some relevance to your case.

Mr Foster

  903. What meeting is this?
  (Mr Vaz) We had a meeting with Mrs Filkin which was minuted and we will send it in.
  (Ms Filkin) Which I refer to in my memorandum. You have not had a record because, as you know, Mr Vaz, you refused to allow the shorthand writer to stay. We have the first part taken by the shorthand writer and then we have a note which I disputed at the time for accuracy and that was provided by Mr Vaz's solicitor. Mr Vaz asked me at the time not to use the replies in that meeting because he wished to reply in writing and I acceded to that request. That is why you have not had the records which are available which relate to that meeting. But there is of course no reason at all why I cannot provide you with the note which Mr Vaz's solicitor provided at the time and my letter saying I felt it was not comprehensive.


  904. By all means send us anything which you think is of relevance.
  (Mr Vaz) I think that is it.

  Chairman: Thank you very much.

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Prepared 16 March 2001