Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Letter to Mr Keith Vaz MP from the Clerk of the Committee on Standards and Privileges

The Committee on Standards and Privileges would be grateful if you could give further oral evidence to it on Tuesday 13 February at 11.00 am in Committee Room 13.

The information the Committee is seeking is as follows:

    (i)    Confirmation from an independent source that the cheque from Mr B S Attwal which was paid in on 8 January 1993 did not go into any account you may hold.

    (ii)    The identities of the three Marks and one Marco who have worked in your office, and the dates they worked there.

    (iii)    Confirmation from an independent source that Mr Zaiwalla's payment of £1000 in February 1994, which is thought to be a donation to a charity nominated by you, was not received by you or anyone authorised by you or your office, and did not go into any account you may hold.

    (iv)    The particulars of the accounts into which Mr Zaiwalla's cheques for £250 in January 1993 and for £200 in September 1994 were paid. Please provide copies of the bank statements which show these payments.

    (v)    Information about the purpose of the "K Vaz MP office account" into which the first of those two cheques was paid, and about any other payments made into it.

    (vi)    The contact addresses of Mr Charles Riachy, Mr R Mathrani and Mr R Verma, in respect of whom you registered contributions to your election expenses in 1997.

    (vii)  The amounts contributed to your election expenses by Mrs Usha Mittal, Mr Riachy, Mr Mathrani, Mr R Verma and Lord Paul; the dates on which their contributions were received; and the particulars of the account or accounts into which those contributions were paid.

    (viii)  Confirmation of the approximate number of times on which you visited Mr Zaiwalla in his offices, or attended an event hosted by Mr Zaiwalla in any location, between 1992 and the present day, with dates where possible.

If you were able to provide me with all this information in writing by 10.30 am on Monday 12 February it would not be necessary for you to appear before the Committee on Tuesday.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you would like any further help or advice.

I am sending a copy of this letter to Mr Geoffrey Bindman.

7 February 2001

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Prepared 16 March 2001