Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Letter to Mr Mark Stephens, Finers Stephens Innocent, Solicitors, from the Clerk of the Committee on Standards and Privileges

Thank you for your letter of 8 February which crossed in the post with mine of 9 February.

I note that Mr Kapasi is not at present willing to make his books and records available to the Commissioner. I will report this to the Committee and seek its instructions.

In his letter of 5 February Mr Kapasi asked that further correspondence should be sent to you rather than to him. That was why I wrote to you on 9 February and sent you a copy of the letter I had previously sent to him.

The date January 1991 appears in the transcript at Q107 because that is what the shorthand writer believed Mr Kapasi had said. Mr Kapasi has corrected it. Witnesses are given an opportunity to correct the transcript of their evidence to ensure that errors in the transcription are put right.

12 February 2001

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Prepared 16 March 2001