Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Affidavit from Ms Maria Fernandes

I, Maria Fernandes of *** make oath and say as follows:

1.  I refer to my evidence to the Standards and Privileges Committee on the 13th February 2001 and the subsequent letter from Mr Sandall to my solicitors Davenport Lyons dated 13th February 2001.

2.  It is a matter of fact that in 1995 an advertisement appeared in the Asian Community calendar by Zaiwalla & Co. I am unable to confirm that payment was received by Mapesbury Communications Ltd for this.

3.  Neither Zaiwalla and Co nor Mr Zaiwalla in his personal capacity have acted for or been retained by Mapesbury Communications Ltd or by myself in any capacity.

4.  I can confirm that payments were neither received nor made to Mr Zaiwalla or his firm Zaiwalla & Co to Mapesbury Communications Ltd.

Sworn by the said Maria Fernandes this 15th day of February 2001.

At  24-26 Church Road
    Stanmore, Middx
    HA7 4AW
    [Signed by Maria Fernandes]
Before me
    [Signed by Kleinman Klarfeld]

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© Parliamentary copyright 2001
Prepared 16 March 2001